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Great for deep exfoliation
I'm a fan. I use it sparingly because its a strong exfoliant. A pea sized amount 2x/month works for me. I like the smell too, it smells like green tea.

By milly857,

Clears pores, hydrates and tones
I use this 2x/day (morning and night) after cleansing. It is refreshing and keeps my pores clean!

By milly857,

Decent product
I like the coverage I got from the tinted cream, but it didn't clear up my acne.... which is the point in using it, right??

By milly857,

Burning, red, painful, and didn't clear up acne
This was probably the worst thing I've tried on my long list of acne solutions! It was recommended by my dermatologist. It made my face so red, flaky, dry, and utterly painful. Horrible experience. I called my dermatologist to explain what was happening and she said that that was normal and to continue with the treatment. That is unacceptable to me.

By milly857,

Not worth the money
This didn't clear up my acne and it wasn't worth $24. A friend of mine, however, swears by it. Everybody's skin is different I guess. I just didn't work for me.

By milly857,