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  1. Great for deep exfoliation

    I'm a fan. I use it sparingly because its a strong exfoliant. A pea sized amount 2x/month works for me. I like the smell too, it smells like green tea.
  2. Clears pores, hydrates and tones

    I use this 2x/day (morning and night) after cleansing. It is refreshing and keeps my pores clean!
  3. It's been almost a year since my last post! In an effort to get pregnant, I went off Spironolactone which caused my acne to come back with a vengeance. Even without Spiro, I was still using Dan's cleanser, AHA, moisturizer and Neutrogena SA but it wasn't enough to keep my acne at bay. Spiro really was the magic pill that controlled my acne, once I stopped taking it, my acne got as bad or worse than it ever was (see my before pics from 2014). I made an appointment at a local acne clinic and th
  4. 1-28-15 It has been quite a while since I updated my log. My skin has improved drastically but I will admit that I have deviated from the Regimen. My Derm was fine with the Regimen but she felt I needed more. She gave me a skin lightener, retinae, and prescribed Spironolactone. Honestly, The Regimen was very good to me but my skin stopped reacting to the BP so I dropped it from my regimen. Using the moisturizer every day made my skin feel greasy so I dropped that too. I still do use the moistur
  5. Thanks @newjge! Good luck, stick with it, I'm excited to see your results! After your 4th week I would recommend incorporating AHA. Make sure you go slowly with the amount of BP you use.
  6. It's been a frustrating last couple weeks. My skin has made HUGE improvements from where I started almost 11 weeks ago. However I'm developing acne still, and when I get them they are deep, round, painful ones. Does your skin ever become used to the BP treatment where as it doesn't really work anymore? I'm using almost 2 full fingers of BP 2x/day. Is this a safe amount to use regularly? Am I going to damage my skin or body? I believe the AHA and moisturizer combination is helping my dar
  7. milly857

    Before and After

    This is 6 weeks after starting the The Regimen cleanser + BP + Moisturizer + AHA. No makeup in either picture.
  8. Holy cow I haven't updated this in a while! Sorry! I'm halfway through my 6th week and it's going great! Can you believe these results so far?? I'm so happy! No makeup in either pic: I can't say enough good things about the AHA, it's really helping with my acne marks and red spots. I added AHA to my routine at the beginning of Week 5. I used a whole pump of just AHA at first and quickly realized why everyone tells you to mix it with moisturizer 50/50. It burned my skin and it just did
  9. Congrats on your success Reindancer!! Your post is so encouraging!! I'm really struggling with the red marks too but, yes, I agree they will fade with time. Please post again in a month or so we know if your red marks are continuing to fade -- you'll give us all hope who are still mid-Regimen.
  10. Hi idektrisha! Dan says it's OK if you don't use his actual products as long as you still follow the steps. So yes, it's OK to use only The Regimen BP along with Cetaphil cleanser and Cetaphil lotion! Don't use the Clean & Clear dual moisturizer though, it has Salicylic acid in it. That plus BP is too much for your skin and could cause a lot of irritation. Irritation = Acne. Remember to be really gentle with your fingers (no washcloth!) when doing all 3 steps. And make sure you wait 10-1
  11. Day 21 -- OK. My face is SO DRY. It's constantly flaking and it looks leathery. My forehead is peeling. I'm slathering the moisturizer all over it all day long. Is the AHA going to help or hurt my skin when I start it next week? Do you think I'm ready for the AHA? I am going to cut back to full finger once/day. The Regimen has been going so smoothly, I knew something like this was bound to happen. Going to keep plugging alone, I still have faith this is working! On a good note, my fri
  12. Hi @bspencer10! I'd love to see how your skin looks since we are pretty much at the same place on The Regimen. Post a pic if you can! UGH my skin is really itchy too, I try not to touch it but sometimes can't resist. One issue I have is DRY LIPS. Holy moly. My lips are cracking like crazy. I rub the jojoba oil all over them but it doesn't help very much. Have you found any good lip moisturizers? I am excited to start the AHA next week!! How is that going for you? I want to let my skin g
  13. I made it through Week 3 WOOHOO! Week 3 went better than Week 2. My skin obviously was purging in Week 2, but this week my skin didn't break out at all! Do you even realize how loooooooong it's been since I have gone a whole week without a new pimple??? It's probably been a year so it feels great to say... I think this is working! Week 3 overview: Morning: -1 pump The Regimen cleanser, airdry 15 minutes -Half index finger The Regimen BP treatment, airdry 15 minutes -1 pump The Regi
  14. I'm wondering the same thing @elmaxxx. Hopefully others have recommendations. I've done a chemical peel in the past but it didn't make much of a difference unfortunately. $175 for 1 chemical peel, my derm recommended I do 3 sessions. That is expensive plus the fact that I was not presentable for 3-5 days after the peel, the dryness and flaking was crazy!! So, all in all, it's just not the right option for me. Anyone have other ideas? You can see some of my pics on my page, I'm curious if your sc
  15. Hi @anotherstar, how's your skin doing now after a couple months on The Regimen? Are your scars starting to lighten or go away? Are you using the AHA? I'm struggling a bit, I just broke out pretty bad with large deep acne. So embarrassing.