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  1. citygal

    New Year and a GREAT face!

    After a year with the regimen.....
  2. I am kinda on the same boat. My skin doesn't burn as much but my face does sweat a lot more now. Have you tried more moisturizer to cool the burning? Isn't there a lotion for sun burn? Maybe that'll help.
  3. Yes! If you don't want to try Dan's products just go to your local drugstore and pick up some of the suggested products or a product which has the recommended ingredients. I was a skeptic at first so I went to my drugstore to test out his theory and it worked for me. Eventually I bought Dan's BP because it was more economical. Isn't accutane expensive and dangerous? I definitely recommend using the CSR.
  4. It works. Make sure you follow it religiously though. Keep with it. You'll see results.
  5. it worked well for me but like all the others it stopped working. i guess it depends on your skin type and following the directions to the letter.
  6. Congrats! Keep up the good work.
  7. I started seeing results within the first two weeks of my following the regimen religiously. If it hasn't worked for you, don't worry and keep at it. Not everyone is the same or has the same skin type. It may take you longer or not. I am not completely clear but I am loving that I can see my forehead and patches of my faces after a decade.
  8. I was one with CONSTANT white heads...that's all I really ever had. The regimen has made my face incredibly clearer. Although now I believe my acne has somewhat evolved bc I no longer just get the white heads...actually I cannot remember the last white head I had. Now I get these bumps that hurt...they do eventually grow a little white head which I refuse to pop for fear of getting scars or indentations. I used to have moderate acne and sometimes slightly severe and my face is ALOT clearer. Hone
  9. Oh me me me....I do it all the time. I must admit I do not gently glide the bp especially not in the morning when I am running late to work. I really either forget or cannot wait until the bp to dry. I try hard to be especially gentle with it but then I feel like such an infomercial. Definitely trying to improve with the gliding. As for mistakes, I do admit that often I will not wait the full 15 mins or will not wait until the moisturizer is fully absorbed to walk out the door.
  10. I have never had these before the regimen either. Now it seems that these bumps are the only thing I get. I am trying really hard to stop touching them but it's tough.
  11. ha. I really try....but WHY does it grow like that now.
  12. Is my acne evolving? Now whenever one of those little lovelies pops out it HURTS! Sometimes they even look like a mosquito bite. I make sure to apply extra bp to that little bugger but they still grow up to be a dashing diva. How do i stop it from hurting? They do only last for a few days to about a week or two which is great but ouch. Any one else sharing my pain? If so, please share.
  13. Ahh Dan the miracle man. Dude, I LOVE YOU! What most convinced me to try the regimen was the simplicity of it all. The only product that has somewhat worked for me is bp. Although I will admit I never really had any regimens...I would simply spot treat at night with bp and call it a day. The site is extremely helpful! It is jam packed with all the possible information you could need...and if something is not mentioned in the site I know I can definitely find it or ask about it in the message boa
  14. I agree with Felicity. Get Dan's CSR. It's a huge four ounce bottle. At first I started my regimen with the on the spot and it worked great, but once you weigh the costs it is more economical to go with the CSR tube instead. Once I got my CSR in the mail I compared the two and basically you are paying about 6-9 dollars for something that's not even a full two ounces. Good luck with your new regimen.
  15. Ouch! Help. I cannot stop touching my face. I have been trying to become more religious about the regimen but it has been hard to get back on that horse. I currently have 8 spots that are really bothering me. Yuck and it seems like i only get the ones that hurt before they grow. Anywho I believe the fact that I sometimes forget not to touch my face is my major problem. After I got my lovely blue CSR bottle in the mail I have been slacking off. haha ugh...just ranting and ravinig...so...i guess t