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  1. I'm just weighing up my next move and I'd appreciate some advice if anyone has been in a similar situation: I'm 23 and first visited a doctor when I was 15 re my acne. He prescribed antibiotics and Benoxyl 10 lotion. After trying a few differant antibiotics he finally referred me to a Derm who presribed Retin A, again worked for a bit then stopped working. All in all I messed about for arounfd 5 yrs in which time I used the Banoxyl lotion very carelessly which has to a degree damaged my
  2. I have taken various antibiotics over the years incleding accutane six months ago. Does anyone know if these can cause brittle teeth cos I've had quite a few chip over the years I've been takin medication. #Thanks all
  3. Hi Rach No there is no Derm on site at the Doctors Iv'e never heard of that before either so hey I guess ya are lucky!! I live in Manchester Thanks
  4. I was originally refered last Dec when my GP told me the waiting list would be 4 months but the week after the referral I got a letter from the hospital asking me to ring and make an appointment and I got to see a Derm within three weeks. Likewise this time he told me 18 weeks and again I got a letter from the hospital a week later but this one said we will contact you in 16 weeks to make an appointment!!
  5. Hi All Firstly I live in the UK and was wondering if Smoothbeam is available over here? Does anyone have any opinons on what is better smoothbeam or Nlite? Thanks All
  6. I've recently been referred by my GP to see a dermatologist about the possibility of starting a second course of Accutane. Iv'e been told the average waiting time is 18 weeks. Was wondring if anyone has paid to see a Derm in England and how much it cost for the Derm, accutane, blood tests etc. Any comments are much appreciated!
  7. Stopped taking Roaccutane in June of this year must sayed it cleared my skin completely(only thing that has). Since about Sept Iv'e been getting breakouts again so I went back to my GP he said the best thing would be to refer me back to the Derm as I spent years taking antibiotics and they never worked and I have some minimal scaring. Just wondered if a anyone has taken a second course and it been successful? Also I've been told my referral will take at least 18 weeks has anyone paid to se