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  1. I just want to say thank you Dan for the bp gel. I have been a "lurker" here for some time, have followed the regimen for a year and have become 98% clear. Didn't think I could be happier. That is..until the bp gel came along. I ordered it right away and have ben using it for 3 days. I just love the consistancy...makes my skin feel baby smooth. And, no embarrassing "white face" yes. The texture of my skin is just amazing. I need to stock up. So, thank you, thank you. I will be passing
  2. yeah...see? That is what I am worried about. The so-called "bleaching" effect. Hopefully it won't be too noticeable or I'm gonna have to break out the darker make-up. :/
  3. For me, I ALWAYS get those little pimples everytime I use lip balm, lip gloss, or chapstick. Doesn't matter what kind. Lipstick, for some reason, seems to not break me out. Weird.
  4. The itching you are mentioning sounds normal. I experienced the same thing when I started, now I don't get it at all. ( been on the regimen for 7 mos or so) But, if the itching is unbearable, you may be allergic. Mine was uncomfortable, but would dissappear...hard to say, since I am not you. ??
  5. I actually cleared from dan's regimen, so I decided to change a few things. I actually mix St. Apricot's scrub with a light cream cleanser every time I wash. keeps my pores gunk free and my face looking fresh. I wash my face very lightly, as to not scratch the skin. Has worked for me. Keeps the flakes away also, by sloughing off the dead skin everyday. Might not work for some, but that's what i do.
  6. I am not sure. I probably wouldn't recommend it, if you are just starting out on the regimen. I know it acts by drying out your acne, so it might be too bothersome for your skin if you are new to using the bp. Might just be too much for your skin to handle. I would follow dan's regimen precisely, and once you are clear, can maybe try to add it into the regimen.
  7. Hi everyone. I was just wondering. I am about to start tanning for my upcoming vacation, and was wondering if and/or how the bp would effect the skin during tanning? Since the Bp seems to lighten the skin, will it be NOTICEABLE compared to your body color? I would think that by using the bp everyday, your face wouldn't be as easily tanned as the rest of your body. Has anybody been tanning with the Bp, and has it effected the tanning process on your face? thanks in advance.
  8. Ortho made me break out bad. I am definately one of the "unlucky" cases, because everybody I know who took it, said it cleared up their skin. I got loads of tiny, red pimples everwhere, was overly-emotional, and felt bloated all the time. No mo bc's for me!
  9. Good for you, Chris! I notice too how my persoanlity and outgoing-ness has changed. It's as almost like i don't even think of my face having problems anymore, and I take it for granted. I remember when that is all I would think about. No matter what I did or where I went I'd go, I'd be thinking.."how is the lighting gong to be, how can i cover this up...etc.." Now, i never even think about those types o things. You reminded me to appreciate looks/face now. thanks! And congrats on livin
  10. Sad to say..i still have red marks, but they are seeming to fade. But, it is barel noticable. I guess time will tell??
  11. Mybe it's just excess bp that didn't absorb thoroughly? What I mean is, maybe it seemed to "vanish" but it really didn't. So, when your face gets wet, it becomes noticeable. I now that happens to me, so I use a toner/asringent ( mild one) to rid myself of an residue.
  12. I agree, Monkey. I've been on the regimen for about 4-5 months, and my skin is about 95% better, and I am not complaining over here. I'll get a spot from time to time, but it is nothing compared to what I was used to. i feel as if the regimen gives me "control" over my skin, whereas before, it had control over me. I still have the psycholgical effects though. Such as, not leaving the house without makeup, but that is to be expected, I guess. ( even though I actually COULD now...) So. to me
  13. Glad it is working for you, caliboy. =D> Everybody reacts to things differently, so maybe that is all YOU need to be clear. Hey..whatever works, right? Now go brake some hearts! hehe
  14. Been on the regimen since june/july and my face is almost flawless. I get an occasional small pimple from time to time, but I just attack it with BP, and it vanishes in a day or two. Oh , btw, i had light/moderate acne. Got it at 19 until 25.