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  1. The redness has been completely cut by like 90%! Go you!! Your skin looks unbelievably better and I am so happy that Accutane worked for you, the great part is its only going to get better from here on out!! WAHOOOOO! You're on the final walk to clear skin. Look forward to keep hearing updates.
  2. My derm wants me to be on 80mg a day but I'm still a little skeptical. I weight 75kg so maybe I should be taking 80mg a day but I tried. It was the was worst 5 days of my life, could barley move my mouth, my skin was beyond dry. It was dead! Lol So I decided to make a big boy decision and lower my dose to 40mg a day for the first month (which helped A TON with side effects). After telling her about this, she was pretty angry with me. She said she is considering adding a 7th month because
  3. Day 22/180 Sorry for the delay. Been busy and finally found the time to post my experiences. So I had a pretty bad inital breakout (3-4 cysts, LOTS of whiteheads) but the whiteheads are going away within 1-3 days, but the cysts take a LONG time to go away! Some are still hanging around (they used to only last 1-2 weeks). Dryness got worse before it got better, now my skin does not feel dry and doesn't look red. I am seeing an improvement in coloration of my skin (past redness is
  4. They are called rare side effects because they are.. well rare. Many of them MAY or MAY NOT be related to the actual drug itself. I am 100 % believer that clear skin will improve quality of life from personal experience. Acne can destroy self esteem, and getting clear can improve self image/mental health.
  5. What about all the TEENAGE and young men who report low sperm counts, impotence and ED after going on Accutane? These are not normal in healthy young men. And to be relevant to this thread, there also are women who report anorgasmia (the inability to have an orgasm) and low libido and vaginal dryness, symptoms that persist indefinitely. I'm not trying to "hatemonger" Accutane. I just think it's a serious, serious drug and I don't think you should embark on it lightly. If you have mild cystic
  6. I'm on day 21. How the **** do I get to stop peeling, it is making my skin look so dry and nasty. I wash once a day and moisturizer usually 3-4 times throughout the day. Does washing twice a day help flakiness (I've been reading once a day is better) because I was peeling so bad when I washed twice a day. HOW DO I GET THIS TO STOP?!
  7. Accutane has a 66% CURE RATE for acne. Yes a CURE RATE. That is a word that has never been able to been associated with Acne. Accutane is VERY EFFECTIVE at curing acne. The most common side effects are dry skin and dry lips. These can be battled with a good moisturizer and constant chap stick application (not so bad, I got used to it), and these side effects usually subside within a month. Nothing to worry about. To respond too Siribai's "side effects". Sexual dysfunction, Hair Loss
  8. I am on Tane and I have had an increased sex drive. Therefore Accutane must increase sex drive..
  9. Day 8/180 Today I came down with something bad, a painful cough, severe headache, and leg pains throughout the day. I might just have the flu, the correlation to accutane is probably just coincidental. But nevertheless, it is worth noting. Dryness continues to be mild but constant, HOWEVER the initial redness from accutane is GONE, and my skin looks so much better than it did yesterday!! Will post picture on week 2. Still struggling with the initial breakout, but I've read that it ca
  10. Day 7/180 Dryness and peeling are still prevalent I reduced my dosage down to 40mg to hopefully help reduce the peeling. I hate it!! I can finally see why Accutane is the "last resort".. LOL I am getting lots of whiteheads, particularly just under my nose (I can see massive amounts of dead skin underneath my nose), that is where my skin is the dryest. I am using Cerave Moisturizing cream and vaseline for my lips. Having to apply them like 20 times (exaggeration) throughout the d
  11. Day 6/180. I will note that I have been taking 80 mg/day. However, I am getting pretty severe side effects so I am gonna ask my derm if I can reduce this intake to 40 mg/day for a couple weeks. Redness has increased, it is NOT horrible. But it isn't great either Peeling is worse than it has ever gotten, feel like I've peeled off like 10 layers of skin around my nose and just above my mouth. No huge improvements, although since my face has gotten more red, the acne kinda "blends"
  12. Also wanna note that my face looks noticeably more red, not from acne but just red in general. Anybody have any input/personal experience with this yet?
  13. Day 4 and the dryness has come! My skin is starting to peel off. Starting to see new breakouts (4 new cysts). But at the same time, I am also seeing reduction in overall redness. Excited to continue moving forward. Day 4/180.
  14. I had my IB on the third day, 4 big cysts developed along jawline and neck. Yiiiikes! I'm with you, hope this works! LOL But I know it will, Initial breakout is common among people with severe enough acne to be on Accutane. Gotta put up with the 4-6 weeks of hell, to enjoy the lifetime of heaven
  15. I'm on day 3. Have had cystic acne for 4 years and never really did anything about it (damn the old me), but over the past year I have really been trying hard to get rid of all existing acne and have done things such as: Change diet (no gluten, no dairy), laser treatments, topical and oral antibiotics. I've been able to get rid of about 75% of active acne, but am now just seeing the scarring But my dermatologist has suggested that I take a course of accutane to get rid of ALL my act