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  1. F49ZOR5 is right. Threats made on the internet are taken very seriously by law enforcement. The following appeared in the Washington Post Metro Section Nov. 6: "A 17 year old student was being questioned yesterday after he threatened to kill teachers and administrators at Ashburn's Broad Run High School. The student allegedly made threats in messages on an internet site, said Loudon County sheriff's spokesman .... After discovering the messages Tuesday, deputies tracked them to the studen
  2. ..I forgive you I guess.. Thanks Leon and others who replied.Yes coolmd I saw that and it is almost exactly my situation.
  3. Why do people make you feel horrible for things that you have no control over??I hate the way I look,but I can live with it.Its the people who give you dirty looks or talk about you that makes you want to blow up. I go to a junior high which is reknown for its bullying problems, if you arent perfect youre a target.I hate everyone.Its not just the acne,people just dont like me because Im weird, because I dont try to change myself to fit in with their ideals.But im sick of this.Has anyone ever wan