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  1. Dear all, Thank you very much for your advices! Like i mentioned before, i was on roaccutane in 2001 for ard 5 months and has since stopped. After roaccutane, my skin becomes worse but NOW is the worst so far. I went to see a derm who put me on doxycycline for 3 months last year and my skin somehow improves a little though not dramatically..I am very concerned and worried if by taking all these drugs, what if the the long-term side effects surface later on? Hence, i did some research and
  2. I am experiencing a horeendous outbreak that leaves my skin with red/black marks due to the blood clogged and then to hyperpigmentation which explains the read/black marks. The cycle goes like this: huge painful bumps underneath the skin -> didn't surface but changed to clogged blood -> some would change to cyst and eventually oozed out with blood (takes 2 weeks or more to reach this stage) while other continue to be clogged without appearing on the surface at all and caused red/dark
  3. hi lolobaby! Thanks for your tip on lemon juice! I really got to hand it to you! I was experimenting before i finally got the perfect concentration that suits my body chemistry.. i love eating raw veggies..i would definitely check out the site that u recommended! To all, i seriously hope you wld try lemon juice as it works..but due to the different body chemistry of every individual, you would need to do some experiment.. gd luck yar!
  4. everyone has got to believe in this. I am now a 100% believer in this. I had very bad outbreaks and since I've been on lemon juice drink and loading myself up with lots of green vegetables, and eliminating chocolate and milk, i've been clear for almost 3 weeks. A cystic acne appeared under my skin a few days backs because of the sinful things that i ate during the wkend, ie. chocolate cake, hot chocolate, but I quickly drank the lemon juice and ate broccoli and lettuce to counter effect it and n
  5. i am an advocate of green vegetables. I ate lots and lots of vegetables daily to counter effect any starchy or any other undesirable ingredients in my meals. I had very bad skin. Since i started drinking lemon juice (1 teaspoon to a glass of water) and loading up lots of vegetables, eg.lettuce and broccoli daily, my pimples subsided and i have been clear for almost 3 weeks. Nonetheless last wkend, I loaded myself up with lots of sinful stuffs like chocolate cake, chocolate drink and a cystic pim
  6. Hello there! I can empathise with you and I TOTALLY understand what you're saying. My situation is similar to yours now, I am still having frequent outbreaks and also scars from roaccutane due to the acne comeback. Before I consumed roaccutane, my face was 101% clearer. Although I had moderate acne, all would clear in no time leaving little, very minute discoloration that is not so noticeable. Now, both sides of my cheeks are filled with discoloration and SCARS - SOUVENIRS FROM ROACCUTANE. Since
  7. I read from a few posts regarding roaccutane. If you do not mind me sharing my opinion on the drug, here goes: I was on 20mg roaccutane for 6 cnsecutive months in 2000 and my face was totally cleared of blemishes, hyperpigmentation and acne. I was ecstatic, having spent almost 3 years battling moderate acne (read: acne erupted on my skin when i was 21 years old). BUT i experienced very dry and chapped lips. And i AM still experiencing dry lips after 2 years of consuming it. On top of that, my
  8. hi lolobaby...it's me again...i am very keen to try your recipe of success and therefore have been looking around major healthstores to get the organic lemon juice..unfortunately, all the major health stores that i went to, GNC, Nature's Farms do not carry organic lemon juice. They have organic apple juice and sorts but not lemon juice.. I went round the supermarkets and only 1 supermart carried it but it's called organic lemonade by hrorizon organic. I am not so sure if it really is organic ju
  9. definitely active..acne on my chest and back not as horrendous as my face though..
  10. hi lolobaby..u mentioned that the lemons that we bought from grocery may not be orabinc if it doesn't state so..but i though organic = natural and lemons in thier fruit forms are natural forms and i thought should be organic? i hv been squeezing lemon juice literally for one week...is tt why i don't see any effects yet??
  11. hi lolobaby..those who bought the lemons fruits literally may not be organic?? but i thought organic = natural and fruits are in their natural forms...i've been squeezing lemons for the past week to get thr juice...is tt why i haven't seen any results yet??
  12. hey i was clear and i meant totally clear when i was a teenager..until i reached 21 years of age, the acne suddenly erupted on my skin and i couldn't take it..i had no problems with acne THEN as a teenager. Now, at 25 years old, i am still having acne..it's been 5 years now...so, acne doesn't affect teens only... :oops:
  13. yar..u mean u used it on your face? what's the concentration like? one teaspon of lemon juice to 2 tablespoons of water? Elaborate please..
  14. hey makmachine..perhaps you could squeeze out the lemon juice literally like I've been doing...cos' i am not very sure whether the bottled lemon juices are really organic as claimes...well..just a suggestion tho'... cheers!
  15. sorry guys for posting too many at the same time...oops! hey lolobaby, thanks for your advice..I've been on it for a week and currently my face is breaking out but subsiding.. I was on dan's regimen and after a month it works very well..my face cleared and now suddenly, since 2 weeks ago, my skin started to break out again although i've been on the regimen closely..