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  1. Can someone please help me identify what kind of scars I have and how I can fix it? If I exfoliate and derma roll would it get worse and even redder? I also have hyperpigmentation. The scars look worse in low light. Please help it’s getting deeper and deeper. (Pics provided)





    1. Rochelle21


      Here’s a close up sorry it’s disgusting


  2. Decided to keep a diary of my acne so why not on here.
  3. Went from mild to severe

    I wish I did my research before putting it on my face! My derm prescribed me this and didn't really tell me much about it other than to use sunscreen. I have never had acne this bad before, I'm eating all the right things... I cut out everything like (dairy, meat, gluten, anything you can think of that causes acne) all I eat is vegetables and fruits with salads and salmon w beans. Still wonder why I get really bad cysts, and pimples in places I never had before such as my neck and forehead. My s
  4. DONT recommend this!!!

    I thought it was working for my flakey skin, but 2-3 days later after I bought it, i got pimples in places where they wouldn't usually grow in. Got some on my chin too. I've been avoiding unhealthy foods this week so I'm guessing it's the moisturizer. Before I used this moisturizer my face wasn't peeling but after the moisturizer it peeled and burned. I have uneven skin tone now which sucks, regret using this! I will just use the moisturizer that comes with the kit. Please don't use this!!