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  1. You have very few acne. You can start using ISOTREX GEL, this is the topical gel form of ACCUTANE. Be aware that using Isotretinoin will make you break out like hell at first, it will at least require 2 weeks, or more, for your body to get adjusted to the Isotretinoin. During the first few weeks you make break out horribly which can aid to depression. If you have patience then go for this treatment, it requires a hell lot of time but it truly works.
  2. I have suffered from severe acne and Rosacea since April 2014. Thanks to God, it has lessened by now. I have always suffered from mild acne since puberty. I became 19 this year and my acne took a horrible form. It only affected my face. I started my regime from 30th March and still am continuing. I started using ISOTREX GEL on cleaned face after using HIMALAYA NEEM FACE WASH and taking DOXYCYCLINE twice a day. My initial break out stage lasted for exactly 6 weeks. Then thanks to God, it started