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  1. I have bad acne scars on my nose does dermabrasion work well on nose scars?they are indented scars.
  2. Denise this Q is for you ..I currently do a 30glycolic/50%lactic peel to my husbands face once a week. I will do the TCA cross 100% to his scars.. I want to know how long i have to wait before doing the peel inbetween?
  3. you can purchase it from this web site. http://www.mytcapeel.com/page/page/2806386.htm . Hope that helps.
  4. Thank you for replying. You said you applied the hyaluronic acid serum right after the treatment along with neosporin. So after it frosts you put the hyaluronic acid surum on. Then do u wait a few minutes and put the neosporin on ? or how does that work?
  5. Femina, I want to do the TCA Cross to my husbands scars. I will order the 100% from mytcapeel. I just have a few questions for you. With the peel is there an applicator? Also did you order the Hyaluronic Acid serum that they suggest you use. When the TCA frosts do u wash it off or leave it and then apply ointment? Hope they werent to many Q.