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  1. Hey, I wanted to thank both of you for your responses. Slight bit delayed...My apologies. I really jumped the gun when I stated I was doing surprisingly well after discontinuing Spiro.. Things changed, drastically, pretty shortly after posting that. August-October have been a pretty big struggle. Getting cystic breakouts on my chin and forehead along with quite a bit of inflammation/pigmentation issues. I started seeing a naturopath in August and had a food sensitivity panel done. I've b
  2. Hey, wondering how your trip went to the herbalist and how things are going? I'm taking dim and not seeing a ton of success, although it's a bit early yet to tell. Been reading about inositol for a couple months and just ordered some.
  3. Sorry for the delay with this response. Sprionolactone is a diuretic (blood thinner) used for off label acne treatment. It treats acne by inhibiting androgen production (essentially blocking androgens/testosterone). Also, it is often prescribed for woman with PCOS or hirsutism. (acne being a side effect for both conditions, coincidentally)
  4. Thanks for the reply and I'm sorry to hear that. Can I ask you why you wanted to quit spiro in the first place if it was working for you and you didn't have any side effects? I know taking any medicine isn't ideal and I wish things would just go back to the way they were before I took the plan b. But it's been 3 years now and breakouts still going strong. I'll only end up with more and more scarring if I don't do anything about it and it's already depressing enough as it is.. So I'm willing
  5. @lifesnotfair I'm sorry to hear you are struggling. AND...this may not be what you want to hear, but I wouldn't recommend spiro. I was on it for almost exactly 1 year, & while it cleared my hormonal breakouts, coming off of it has been pretty miserable. I just don't want to see another young woman like myself being elated by the results, with the potential for very serious side effects (staring or discontinuing spiro) My prescribed dose was 50mg x2 daily, but usually, I only took
  6. Hi meia, I too suffer from hormonal breakouts, even with my extremely clean diet. (gluten, dairy free as I have intolerances to both, extremely limited refined sugar intake, zero processed foods* save for a few pieces of gluten free bread every few weeks, no beef, as my stomach can't handle it for some reason) To start, I began seeing a naturopath last month (for overall health) and told her about my breakouts; her recommendation was 200 mg of B6 two weeks before my cycle. I've been res
  7. I am so excited for you!! Thank you so much for sharing, I am absolutely going to do some research on this. I already have an extremely strict diet (dairy free, gluten free, refined carb/sugar free), but I am still suffering hormonal breakouts - mostly on my chin. I've been seeing a naturopath who has advised me to take a high quality fish oil. ...No success so far. I think i'll stick it out for another month and if there are no results I'm going to try your combo. Thanks again
  8. Wondering how you're doing concerning this topic? I'm in the same boat. Been on birth control for 6 years, but my hormonal breakouts still occur. (I've tried diets; no sugar, only raw foods, currently dairy and gluten free due to food sensitivities, alas, still get hormonal breakouts) Worst right before and during my cycle. Been extremely tempted to purchase a DIM supplement, as I've heard good things concerning regulating hormones and flushing excess and harmful hormones from our system...But,
  9. Hey, been reading thru this post and wondering how it's (saw palmetto) going for you? Hope it's going well. -Susan
  10. Hello, I'm trying a new, au naturale acne routine. (well, mostly natural ) Just curious if any ladies have seen success with supplementing spearmint into their diet. (capsules/tea or otherwise) I've recently discontinued using spironolactone because the side effects freaked me out. I'm looking to try 100% natural remedies to try and balance them hormones! FYI, doing surprisingly well off of spiro, but I'm totally dairy free now as well, which may have been most of my issue, anyway
  11. I just accidentally deleted all the text in my post :\ but, how is it going jezzabella114?
  12. Hey, Trina6241! I always find relief with using a warm/hot compress. Literally, just grab a clean wash cloth, run it under warm/hot water (not so hot that it is uncomfortable) and lightly apply it to affected area. I usually do this for 10-15 minutes, re-wetting the cloth with warm water once it cools off. You can lightly rub the area with the cloth (and I mean lightly!) to sort of stimulate the little bigger to come to a head. This helps me. Let me know if it works for ya!