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  1. Drewbon5000

    An Experiment (Long)

    hey guys I found this quote and I thought brian might be interested in it. It has to do with eating Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Coconut Oil instead of hydrogenated/non-hydrogenated vegetable oils: "A person who eats lots of vegetable oils will have less MCFA in their oil glands and thus dilute the germ-fighting capacity of the oil. Frequent washings will also remove this oil, exposing the skin to infectious organisms. This may be one of the reasons why acne is common among those in the Western
  2. Drewbon5000

    An Experiment (Long)

    Ok, I understand now. Sebum production wouldn't go up during the "do nothing" experiment. What i meant to say was, maybe the sebum produced on the face becomes less viscous overtime if it isn't being washed away on a daily basis.. and being less viscous it doesn't clog pores as easily.
  3. Drewbon5000

    proactive results after a couple weeks

  4. Drewbon5000

    An Experiment (Long)

    This will be quite a long post, so please bear with me. Bryan: The people on the forum don't need this constant naysaying over sebum (omg i said it please don't pick apart my post! )... I do agree with you a bit though.. that if this was a true scientific study we would need to be testing the sebum production rate and the viscosity of the sebum and countless other variables. However, this isn't really a scientific study, is it? Most of it is still pretty damn anecdotal. One o