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  1. Hello everyone, Just an update. Not had any cysts for months now and have super smooth skin. My skin has aged slightly and I'm guessing this is down to the lack of grease/ oil. I'm on week 19 now and have my review on the 2nd of march. Hoping to come off them soon and have some normality back. I feel like an old woman with my aches and pains. My only concern is the return of the cysts. Anyone a 2nd time user? I have done before and after photos to motivate then new starters. Em
  2. Hi, Good luck on your journey! The dose is usually determined by your body weight, I'm 119 pounds and my dose is 20mg every day. I doubt my doc will bump my dose up as my skin is responding well to the treatment. Initially I was on 10 mg every other day for three month and had the initial breakout a month in and then progression was slow. I would see how you respond physically in the first month and don't expect to see results for at least three month. The higher the dose, the
  3. Happy new year everyone!! How's everyone doing? I have my next review in February, it has been four months now and my skin is dramatically better. I have one tiny cyst on my check, that is it!! Still on 20mg everyday and feeling fine. Tiredness has worn off, just one thing bugging me. Has anyone else got deformed finger joints? I don't know if I have banged my hand but my little finger joint appears to be warped and it is painful It would be nice to hear how everyone's doing! E
  4. Glad things are going well Jon! There is most definatly light at the end of the tunnel, and I can see it!! when I upped to 20mg everyday I had terrible blood shot eyes and a burst blood vessel. I reverted to 20mg every other day for four days and decided it was worth taking everyday as I felt fine otherwise. My skin is 90% clearer on 20mg everyday. A cystic spot that I have had since September is now pea sized and troublesome areas are now clear. Been on 20mg daily for four weeks and it wa
  5. Update: Eleventh week on accutane.2Omg every day Good improvemments, x4 small cysts getting less and less by the week. Side effects much the same, headache, tierdness, dry lips and skin. New side effect, which is painfull bowel movements leading to slight blood evident. Not really concerned by this, I have been taken codeine which hardens movements. I will upload progress pictures soon.
  6. Spoke with the hospital nurse, I'm to revert back to every other day until monday. The derm is not in until Monday and he will advise further. Thanks for comments☺
  7. Ninth week on accutane, was on 20 mg every other day for seven week and last two weeks been on 20mg every day. Only major side effect happened last week with a burst blood vessel in my eye and eyes look like shit! Please look at my picture, see why you think but is this normal.
  8. Just drink plenty of water, that's how I dealt with headaches. What dose are you on? Chest pains could be anxiety, I would get this checked with your gp to rule anything else out. Update: So almost a week in on 20mg every day. Don't forget I was every other day for seven weeks. Doing really well. Side effects seem to have lessened since the increase. Have a few more cysts and the one on my neck is larger. Derm did suggest steroids as it's been there 7week. Anyone else ever had burst
  9. Hello, Nice to hear from you. Yes lips very dry, think I have tired every lip balm going now!! Skin not oily at all now which is one of the best things about being on the tane. I was so oily I looked sweaty! I'm about to write an update so have a read. I have had to stop my weigh training, it was exhausting me and I was in pain the other day. Don't know how your managing your run, I'd be bed bound for a week if i attempted that!!! Week 8 update: No change from week 7. Neck cyst still th
  10. Try again Try now So, I'm on week seven now. Got a few new ones this week and one on my neck which is massive but has been up and down for seven week, photos to follow. Seeing the derm On Monday and hoping my bloods ok as I had a bad weekend with a migraine. Also, used to have a spotty rash on my chest which disappeared around week one. I have a nasty looking spot now on my chest and never had any there before. Hope everyone is well And skin getting clearer, be nice to hear from you
  11. Fabulous advice!! I'm having it easy really, which just goes to show we do not all respond the same. Do try the aloe vera, it is natural and if you go to a big tesco you can get in there for less than amazon http://www.tesco.com/direct/aloe-pura-aloe-vera-skin-gel/671-1929.prd. Good luck Does this moisturise as well or is it just for red marks really? It moisturises but i would put light moisturiser on once the aloe vera drys. Don't get the aloe vera near eyes as it can sting.
  12. Have you got much scarring or have you been lucky and escaped this? I'm glad things are getting better for you Hey, I have scarring, makes my skin look worse than it actualy is now. As I said I have news ones but there not as bad as they were at the beggining of the course. I'm at the derm next Monday so will let you know what he says. Emma.
  13. Seven weeks in, skin getting Better. I have eight spots A few of these are cystic. Side effects are in full force,bad head all weekend and the worst tierdness I have ever experienced. Had blood test today and seeing derm next Monday so if there's anything going on at least I will know soon. Had to take day off work today due to the tierdness. Sleeping ten hours a night and still exhausted