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  1. yeah that unibrow is really evident and do pluck them, do not shave them.
  2. i highly doubt that it is BP thats getting rid of your scars or hyperpigmentation. it is most likely the revitalizing toner which has glycolic acid in it. thats what I am using along with CSR to help get rid of my brown and red marks.
  3. neutrogena healthy skin lotion w/ spf 15 is the moisturizer that has the AHA in it.. thats what i just ordered.. hopefully it works well for me.. also use a glycolic toner (proactiv's revitalizing toner).
  4. I dunno, when I see Dan do it, he doesn't really rub it in, he kinda just puts it on lightly (should take like 3 seconds) and then spends 7 seconds washing it off.
  5. im in no way thinking of quitting.. cuz im so deep into it and this is like the only thing that people have been saying that works.. im in week 9 right now.. just had a recent breakout.. recovering from it now.. hopefully i'll be clear sometime in the next 2 weeks so i can work on taking care of these marks. and danjapan are you the same as drumboy?
  6. thanks a lot for the help.. im not really using this for pimples, im using them from the horrible red and brown marks that i have.
  7. wow.. sounds good.. im about to order it from drugstore.com (i can't go into cvs to buy it ) haha.. but im not sure what color is good. i am asian and have slightly tan skin.. anyone have any suggestions?
  8. ^ i rather have red marks than to have pimples forever.. so i'll deal with it... but i wish they would go away still =[
  9. ^ it has made me breakout.. im going to wait until im 100% clear (no breakouts for at least 2 weeks) to try it again.
  10. I think CSR definitely does slow down the healing rate. I used to not have red or brown marks last on my face more than 2 weeks.. now I still have some from 2-3 months ago :\
  11. I'm a guy and I already feel kinda awkward talking about using a concealer.. I have no clue how to find the right concealer.. anyone want to help me out?
  12. the On-The-Spot is a white creme so it will leave white marks if you sweat. Why don't you just buy that or buy ProActiv's BP from their booth at the mall (if they have it) and come back home and order Dan's BP.. its the cheapest and it works.
  13. I've been on CSR for 8 weeks now, almost 9.. and I just recently had a pretty bad breakout . Anyone else have a breakout this late into the regimen?
  14. thats delna's regimen.. look for her thread.. its like 66 pages long.
  15. ^ mine too.. but does anyone use it for healing red and brown marks?
  16. is the scrub the only thing that is wrong with proactiv? what if i keep on using the revitalizing toner? because i remember that when i was on proactiv, my red/brown spots went away pretty quickly.
  17. So my experience where my brown marks become "peelable" is similar to what someone who has used glycolic aicd would experience?
  18. How does glyolic work? because when i was using the proactiv toner, after a while (i don't have a problem with red marks, but i have large and noticeable brown spots) the area around a mark like that would start to get "crusty" and i would just be able to peel it off.. or do you experience fading with the glycolic acid?
  19. When I was on Proactiv, my red spots and brown spots went away pretty fast. I think its the glycolic acid that is in the revitalizing toner. Has anyone had any experience using the toner in your CSR regimen? Mine would look like this: Cleanse with purpose bar Apply Proactiv's revitalizing toner Apply Dan's CSR BP gel Apply Cetaphil moisturizer
  20. ^ i had the smae problem, i broke out exactly where i applied it.. \
  21. I've been on the regimen for about 2 months so far, breakouts once in a while, but they go away a lot more quickly. I use the Biore Anti-Blackhead Warming Cleanser (feels really good.. warms on contact) and then Clean&Clear Advanced Acne Treatment. Both of them have salycilic acid as the active ingredient.
  22. Do you guys know of any concealers that do not have salycilic acid? cuz i use BP and BP doesn't work well with salycilic acid.
  23. One time, mine took 2 weeks, another time, it took less than a week.
  24. what is retin-a and hydroquinone and how does one get it?