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  1. Thats what she means, basically you might not want to include it with your CSR (so do not do it morning and night), but alternate between just mornings or every other day. My skin responded well to gycolic acid when I was on Proactiv. Do you guys think its too much to use the Proactiv Revitalizing Toner (has gycolic acid) along with the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion (also has gycolic acid)? I don't use much of the toner, just pour it onto a cotton pad and pat it on my face.
  2. Well, simply because it has Salycilic Acid in it, it is not recommended to be used with CSR at all. Some members believe that using SA with BP is more effective, but its risky. How long have you been on CSR and how clear are you?
  3. The things that I use that are not part of the recommended products listing are: Proactiv Revitalizing Toner Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion w/ SPF 15 I'm using both of those products to fade redmarks and get rid of brown marks since the Healthy Skin Lotion has AHA and the toner has gycolic acid. Plus the toner helps get rid of flakes and dead skin (which helps clear you up). I plan on starting to use Bio-Oil maybe in another week or two after I'm 100% clear for a good week.
  4. Turned white as in became a whitehead? Usually when I apply 2.5% BP it works in calming the spot down and dims the redness. When I use 10% BP, it turns it into a whitehead. What percentage are you using?
  5. have you stopped applying topicals on your neck? and what exactly are you applying?
  6. fthea118


    i have brown marks over rolling scars.. will the brown marks fade at least? even if the rolling scars don't even out?
  7. Also post how effective it is as in how much time it took to like 50% or whatever.
  8. I combine the two.. I combine my Neutrogena Health Skin with Cetaphil's moisturizer.
  9. fthea118


    you have no acne on your face then? if you don't have any.. then man.. you're good.. trust me, haha.
  10. Whats gonna suck tho is if you apply anything white on your face and if you sweat its gonna come out milky white on your skin.
  11. wow 81 views and only 3 votes.. cmon you guys can do better than that!
  12. I'm 2 months and a half in and im about 80% clear, I still have breakouts but they're very small (in pimple size and amount), hopefully I will be 100% by 3 months.
  13. i dont have before and after pics mate those pics are simply before and after pics taken on a phone so quality is low ok i think what all the sceptics want me2 say is..... sorry for trying to help you guys out. next time ill keep my mouth shut if i find somethin that works an wont try n help by posting it on here tell ya the gratitude on this website sometimes really pisses me off. You can't expect it to work for everyone. I don't know why you're upset just because it hasn't wor
  14. What thats not Dan!! That man's skin is horrible, how can you say that?!
  15. What is the difference between the two? Is a brown mark a form of hyperpigmentation and a red mark not? Which one goes away faster? How do we treat each one? Will a brown mark respond to peels and exfoliation a lot better than red marks? I know for sure that brown marks and red marks have nothing to do with skin color because I have both. Plus I have light skin (so I should only have red marks). Please someone clarify and sticky this. If we do not know what we have then we might be using
  16. like i stated before, this seemed to break me out EXACTLY where i put the bio-oil, but I will begin it back up again in probably a week or two when i've gone a while with clear skin.. right now i have 2 active pimples and some clogged pores.
  17. My major onset of acne happened RIGHT before I left for college and I got stronger and stronger throughout the year. I am going to be a Sophomore next year and with the Clear Skin Regimen along with gycolic acid or AHA I plan to kick my acne's ass and the brown/red marks before school starts back up. I'm on my 10th week, hopefully everything gets better from now on out. My skin has looked a lot better than it has before, I just have a lot of hyperpigmentation. Before I had a lot of very smal
  18. Where can I see reviews? Is it the best thing that anyone has tried? I'm afraid to make the switch from the Purpose Cleansing Bar just in case it breaks me out.
  19. I'm not 100% clear, I still have plenty of red/brown marks and 2 active pimples, but it is MUCH better than where I was at when I started the regimen. Time started: Thursday, April 13th How long I was dry/red for: There is still redness and I'm still dry unless I use moisturizer. Days/weeks for seeing results: 10th week and 2 active pimples How long I've been on it: 10 weeks Are you oily/did it help your oilyness?: I'm not too sure since I never do not have any products on, but with my mois
  20. Don't rub it in too hard, be gentle. You can cause irritation. I didn't get the gist of being gentle until maybe the past week or two (and im on my 10th week).. so I am hoping to see a lot more progress.
  21. i think everyone is different, my acne didn't get bad until about 10 months ago (i'm 19 now).
  22. ^ i just ordered that, i hope it works well.. does the neutrogena healthy skin lotion come with AHA + gycolic acid? right now I am using proactiv's revitalizing toner (which also has gycolic acid) to help with the fading.
  23. sounds good! im 10 weeks in and it has definitely gotten a lot better than when i started.. what have you done for your red marks?
  24. im also a guy and i just ordered maybelline true illusions undetectable concealer: http://www.walgreens.com/store/pickcolor.j...977&id=prod9977 i'll let you know how well it works.. should get here tuesday.. some other guy on the forums recommended it.