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  1. im also giving it a 2nd chance now that im more clear.
  2. if you have seriously permanent discoloration then i'd look into it, but otherwise if its redmarks, its much better to wait it out IMO.
  3. the toner should help in getting rid of redmarks because it has gycolic acid and it acts as a chemical exfoliant (basically it sheds you skin so the redmarks fade). i use the proactiv toner too and it works pretty well. what i suggest you do is buy neutrogena's healthy skin lotion w/ spf 15 (it contains gycolic acid also). now apply the healthy skin lotion at night only because its some pretty strong stuff plus it makes my face REALLY red (and many others have the same experience) and in the
  4. your skin looks very clear. how did you deal with the redmarks so quickly?
  5. Hell no, that will severely damage your skin and cause either that spot to just reappear or cause breakouts around the spot. If you are gonna pop it, I suggest you first sterilize a needle using a lighter and then flush it with cold water under the sink to cool it down and then prick the spot until you see some of it ooze out. Then get 2 q-tips (cotton swabs) and squeeze the area around it. This minimizes the contact area with your skin plus q-tips are most likely a lot cleaner than your fing
  6. ^ Sincerely Me, when you say its helped tremendously do you meant that it has faded red marks tremendously?
  7. The Proactiv creators are geniuses. Make a product that WORKS WONDERS for the first few months or whatever and then your face goes to crap. Then you start to think something is wrong with you so you buy MORE of their products and keep on using MORE of their regimen thinking that it will eventually work again. Basically it baits you in.
  8. You ever think that breaking out a lot doesn't make Dan's BP bad but that actually its a good thing because its bringing all your acne out and then the healing begins?
  9. I would like to know this too, hopefully I can have it faded in 2 months time.
  10. Hmm, I dunno, you say its over-exfoliating but isn't it just exfoliating more? Since I have so many flakes, that means taht I must be reducing my red marks even faster right? But which do you think is better to keep? The Proactiv Revitalizing Toner or the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion?
  11. alpha hydroxy acid. A lot of members suggest using Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Lotion which also has SPF 15, but some find its overly irritating so you might not want to use it as often as your previous moisturizers. I know that some toners (Proactiv's to be exact) has gycolic acid which I believe is also an AHA. Basically it exfoliates your skin so your old skin sheds until your marks go away.
  12. I'm using the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Lotion right now along with a gycolic toner. My skin is "shedding" so it is exfoliating, but my problem is that it doesn't appear to come off my face. After about a week it feels quite rough so I decided to go ahead and manually exfoliated with baking soda and a lot of flakes came off and my face feels healthier. I know some recommend to just brush the flakes off with a towel, but they're pretty stubborn and leaving them there doesn't help the exfoliation
  13. I think this is the best subforum to post this in because the others have members that do not follow the regimen. Anyway, has anyone used the jessfoliation method to get rid of red or brown marks (please specify which) and how successful were they? When did you start using it? (how clear were you or how much time AFTER you were clear) It appears that everyone says that this is the most effective inexpensive method to help clear up post-acne marks. However, Dan states that it caused him to bre
  14. ^ I notice that you do not use BP at all, have you tried the regimen? If so, how effective was it?
  15. i doubt its because of the gel, you're still at the beginning of your regimen so the "clearing up" that you're seeing from the first couple weeks isn't the result of the on-the-spot or dan's BP. However, the effects you see 2-3 months down the road will no doubt be caused by what you put on your face. So basically, your "worsening" may just be coincidental. However, if you still feel strongly that on-the-spot works best, don't switch.
  16. I realized how much I treated my skin like crap before I started using CSR. I was NOT gentle at all and thought I could just SCRUB away the p-acne bacteria and acne in general (I was on proactiv at the time) and I would touch my face ALLL the time and squeeze pimples with my bare fingers during the middle of the day! When I'd get nervous in social situations I had a tendency to touch my face all the time (now I don't do that anymore). I also never moisturized at all. I am so glad I found thi
  17. Welcome!! It'll work, just give it time (most important thing).. but about the shipping.. I live in the Northeast and it took about 3-4 days to ship the last 2 times I ordered, but the 2 times before that, it took almost a week and a half.
  18. By your logic, then you're also not right, just because it works for you doesn't mean it works that way for everybody.
  19. fthea118


    i just realized recently that my skin gets red to, a little more red than yours and im on my 11th week already. it may be the AHA that i've started using. does it sting? or just red?
  20. ^ I'm not sure about that one, maybe someone else can answer it who have used On-The-Spot. But I would definitely recommend getting Dan's CSR Gel especially in the summer and since you know you will be sweating. When you sweat with the On-The-Spot you will sweat out white streaks.
  21. The thing is that it takes 8-12 weeks for a breakout to actually occur. Did you change your regimen 2-3 months ago by any chance?
  22. I dunno, I actually enjoy doing it for some reason. Maybe its the "I'm kicking your ass acne" mentality.
  23. Good luck and stick with it for at least 3 months. Just use a white towel to dap off the sweat and most importantly, do it gently.
  24. Thats not true, but make sure you get facial lotion and make sure that it says either non-comedogenic or non pore clogging. If you don't moisturize you risk getting more breakouts plus more production of oil since your face is dry. And even if it does not appear dry on the surface, it may be dehydrated underneath.
  25. Yeah if you're interested in using it I suggest that you wait until you're 100% clear, might irritate existing spots.