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  1. Wow! That looks great, I'm very close to trying this as a spot treatment.
  2. The Bio-Oil has definitely made my face feel a lot smoother. I am not sure if it gets rid of marks though. My marks have been fading, but that could be due to the AHA that I am using. Consult Damien, he seems to think that its a wonder cure :-X
  3. I dunno, but when I let it go on its own it will stay inflamed for a longer period of time which causes more damage and a darker mark. If I get it early, it won't be as inflamed or get as large which tends to leave a less noticable mark.
  4. I heard that gycolic acid helps with blackheads too and Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Facial Lotion contains gycolic acid which is an AHA.
  5. I think everyone ignored my reply.. again.. flouride has been proven to clog pores. Ask your dentist for a good cavity fighting toothpaste W/O flouride.
  6. Its either that or have my whole face look like crap if I don't do the CSR morning and night...
  7. Spot treating with toothpaste is a bad idea. You are onto something because the flouride in cavity-fighting toothpaste is pore clogging. When people spot treat they are drying the crap out of their skin, but its likely to pop back up because you just clogged the pore again.
  8. Very irritating or just irritating to you?
  9. So you only did the CSR once a day? I'm afraid to do this even tho I've been clear for almost 3 weeks.. is it possible to just do the exfoliation around the marks you have and apply neosporin there and then apply BP around the other spots? I think thats what I'm going to do..
  10. Anyone ever try a form of reverse spot treatment? Basically apply BP all over your face except over red marks or brown marks (I am almost 100% positive that the more BP you use, the slower your skin heels from post acne marks). So you leave those spots open and apply an AHA there instead. I tried it out on a spot of my face that is NOT acne prone, but had a mysterious pimple show up (on the bridge of my nose). I didn't apply any BP there, but did apply Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Facial Lotion
  11. This is the reason why I don't do anything at all in the summertime. If I go swimming, flakes will show up, if I apply moisturizer, I'll sweat out white streaks on my face, and when you sweat without moisturizer it looks like you're dripping wet because the BP comes out and even tho its clear, it joins with the regular sweat and loooks like you're sweating twice as much.
  12. Yeah, it seems like you're not doing anything by the regimen at all.. iheartny covered all the changes you need to make tho.. and even if you follow the regimen exactly, you should still break out within the first 2.5 months.. at 3 months I was clear, with no more major breakouts except for 2-3 whiteheads.
  13. I'm at the 3 months and a half point and I am practically 100% clear except for maybe 2-3 whiteheads and one pimple on my neck. However, I have these very stubborn BROWN marks, they aren't even red and they haven't faded at all. The only one that has faded while using Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Lotion is the most recent spot. So I am very tempted to spot treat with an acid peel for the 5 brown marks on the left side of my face and the 1 brown mark on the right side of my face. I know I cannot
  14. Can you spot treat using this? I have about 5 dark marks on the left side of my face and 1 on the right side o fmy face that i wanna get rid of.. good idea to do a 50% gycolic spot treatment peel? Where did you get your peel from sgtpepper? or does anyone else recommend any good peels?
  15. I think brown marks fade too because when I was on Proactiv I always got brown marks instead of redmarks and they went away in a month or two (now that I use ALOT more BP it may take longer). And after about 2 years into Proactiv and when it was still working my skin was clear and I had NO brown marks so they faded. I am using an AHA now and Bio-Oil and its fading my brown marks pretty well. I'm not sure why my marks are taking longer to fade nowadays, but I'm pretty sure the gycolic toner wa
  16. Yeah, its definitely because of the bloodrush since your heart is pumping since you're working out. Its temporary and once you're relaxed again it should go away. Same thing happens to me when I drink and get flushed in the face.. my red marks come out.
  17. The peel may be over-irritating, but try a gycolic toner or an AHA (Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Lotion w/ SPF 15 is what I use and its giving me massive improvements with red marks, but my brown marks are still there, but I do notice that they are fading).
  18. Dang, even if it works for you, I'd be too scared to do that!
  19. This is the kind of attitude that gets people unhappy results and gets them to quit early. Do everything exactly as described. Took me near 3 months before I was completely clear. Took a month and a half before I actually saw improvement. So I really doubt that the regimen solved your oil problems. It may have just dried the crap out of your skin and since you're not using moisturizer, it makes you seem like you're not oily, but in fact, you're killing your skin.
  20. also, is spf 15 that important if you're not outside much? because im thinking about doing the same thing, my red marks are so bad that i don't even like going out in the sun anyway. i go to work, but i work in an office all day and come right home.
  21. im tempted to try it, but dan doesn't recommend it after BP because of the amount of irritation. im practically 100% clear also, but the brown marks i have are pretty bad.
  22. if you need something with gycolic in it, i suggest you check out neutrogena's healthy skin lotion w/ spf 15. i used the proactiv one too and it works pretty well in fading red marks, but you're right, its hard to get a hold of so i just buy the moisturizer instead.
  23. whoa.. you have to do a cold rinse? i never saw that in the CSR vid.. might be important since cold water is supposed to close up pores.
  24. i thought when you tan your redmarks get darker with you.. no?