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  1. Its not a miracle moisturizer. You won't see effectiveness overnight, it can take up to 2 years for marks to fade, and this will JUST speed it up. The "fading" that you're seeing is just because you're looking at it in the morning after many hours of rest.
  2. You're gonna hear people coming in here saying that Dan's BP is "bringing out all the bad stuff so thats why you're breaking out." Which is ridiculous, dan's BP is aimed at KILLING p-acne in the initial stages of a pimple's development, not speeding up the process of current pimples.. *shaking my head*
  3. i honestly don't think massaging even helps.. do you really think you can "push" BP deeper into your tiny (relatively speaking) sized pores? by "massaging" what you're really doing is allowing it to dry faster by creating more surface area for it to dry and "evaporate."
  4. You're not going to see real results for at least 2 months. Anything you see in between that is just a coincidence, so don't expect anything for at least 2 months because it takes 8-12 weeks from start to finish for a pimple, that means that CSR is attacking those first critical weeks where the p-acne bacteria is forming, it will kill that and that means that it won't show up in 8-12 weeks, and anything before you started your CSR will continue to show up, which means you will continue to break
  5. If you're going to use it while you're on CSR. Wait til you're really close to 100% clear AND you've been on it for about 3 months just so you can make sure that when/if you do break out, you know the cause.
  6. i broke out right after i started using it (which may or MAY NOT have been caused by the bio-oil), but either way, it didn't do anything for my skin.
  7. get a moisturizer with AHA in it.. like Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Lotion.. it will reduce the flaky-ness that you're encountering.
  8. argh im frustrated.. this is my first time ever trying make-up (i'm a guy). i've only been using it for the past week and i just can't get it right. my shades are slightly off in certain lighting, like if i match it up nicely under white light, it looks bad in natural light. and if im close to a light source you can totally see the minerals.. maybe because its clumping up, this only happens on parts of my cheeks, but my nose and forehead you can't tell that there's anything there. any tips o
  9. happy birthday dan!! and thank you so much.. i've gotten clear and have been staying pretty clear.
  10. drinking green tea is good for which one? acne or pigmentation?
  11. ^ So they just can't be in contact with each other right? I'm thinking about doing the alternating thing. I am using an AHA right now, but I can't even tell if it is working and its been over a month.. what % hydroquinone do you recommend that is safe? I'm thinking about buying the Proactiv Skin Lightening Lotion.
  12. I really really really need to get rid of these dark marks, I am Asian and we produce a lot more melanin than our lighter-skinned counterparts. Hydroquinone has been proven to reduce the amount of melanin therefore "bleaching" the mark back to the original color. I've read that it can cause cancer if used in large amounts and often. I've also read that it may make your marks darker.. but only temporarily. If I "un-spot-treat" (basically apply BP everywhere EXCEPT for the dark marks that I wa
  13. Thansk for the help guys, my foundation application is MUCH better now; however, I still don't understand how to use the concealer. I have the concealer and the concealer brush. I have dark black/purple marks and some red marks, how do I apply it? The everydayminerals.com site says to dab it on, but it doesn't cover well at all, in fact, it hardly covers anything.
  14. I am a guy, so please excuse my ignorance. I bougth the Everyday Minerals sample kit and I tried out 6 different foundations so far, but every time I apply it (i use the baby kabuki brush) it gets "spotty" and forms very mini clumps everywhere.. makes it look very noticeable, ESPECACIALLY if I am directly under light. why is this? how do I fix it?
  15. I used it but it didn't really work for my red marks or brown marks. There are several ther threads on the first and second page of this subforum that have bio oil topics that you can find people who have had success with bio-oil..
  16. what hydroquinone products do you guys recommend that is over the counter (online drugstores or ebay) so i DO NOT have to go to the dermatologist? thanks! edit: boo -- i just read that you CANNOT use hydroquinone when you are already using BP because it can cause darker temporary stains.
  17. If you're not in the sun, I do not see why you would need the SPF. With the SPF I noticed that my face appeared MUCH more greasy and shiny.. so keep that in mind. I now use Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Facial Lotion for Senstive Skin (NO SPF).
  18. I had moderate inflammatory acne. CSR got me clear within 3 months and I'm practically always 95% clear, I'm just trying to improve my skin texture now and get rid of brown/red marks.
  19. If you go into the redmark forum you can find a pretty long thread (60-70 pages) from a member by the name of "delna." She has a regimen that has worked pretty well for others and worked pretty well for me. She uses baking SODA along with some water to make it moist and uses it as an exfoliant. Just apply it to your face and GENTLY massage it around and rinse it off when you're done. Baking soda is a scrub, but it appears to be a very gentle one. It is what I use once or twice a week.
  20. CSR took care of my blackheads for me. I guess everyone is different. I have also heard that gycolic acid helps with blackheads. So you might want to look into an AHA lotion (which most likely has gycolic acid in it) to incorporate into your regimen.
  21. Its not recommended if you're still early on the regimen, and even after that its still not recommended to use it morning and night. I would recommend you wait until a few weeks after you've worked your way up to the full length of BP. I use it morning and night, but I've been on CSR for almost 4 months. I use Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Facial Lotion by the way.
  22. The AHA that a lot of people on this board recommend is the Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Facial Lotion. It acts as a moisturizer with AHA (gycolic acid) together. I just got me some zinc and flaxseed oil.
  23. Well the threadstarter only said Proactiv, never said anything about BP.. so...
  24. Well, how old are you? If you're still young you may just be in the acne phase and may eventually grow out of it. I mean I wouldn't mind using BP for the rest of my life if it kept my 100% clear, but 80% of adults claim that they breakout anyway, so I dunno, its your choice if spending 20 extra minutes in the morning and at night is worth a clear face all day. And there is no correlation between the sun and acne, but BP makes your skin much more sensitive so if you go out without SPF, you can