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  1. ^ He may not be using it because of all the health risks that come with the use of 4% hydroquinone. If you want a more natural route thats "safer," look into kojic acid. I read somewhere that 1% kojic acid is equivalent to 4% hydroquinone. I am currentl yon 4% kojic acid. It works the same as hydroquinone (to reduce the development of melanin) which in turn fades the brown marks.
  2. I'm pretty sure many acne.org members can say that if you have darker skin or skin prone to melanin production (blacks, asians, indians) then you're gonna have brown marks. I'm not sure if thats you in your avatar, but if you are asian, you're definitely going to get brown marks and not red marks. So hydroquinone will work for you, but you need to get a good percentage (US only allows 2% hydroquinone over the counter and it won't give you that much result or that quick either, but if you go to
  3. I'm Asian and I have a pretty light complexion, but I still get brown marks.. its pretty bad (light background with purple/brown spots). I am currently using kojic acid. Why don't you try hydroquinone? I would use it, but I'm currently using benzoyl peroxide.
  4. Acne.org members seem to agree that puredeming is the best topical for red mark removal.. but like everyone else says, the best thing is just time. Keep on concealing it and eventually it will fade to a point where its no longer noticeable.
  5. I'm using kojic acid right now, but I'm only on CSR.. I'm not sure if its working or not. Are your marks dark? or are they red? By the way, they say that kojic acid is natural and its rare that people are allergic to it and it is very gentle, so it might be the best thing for you when attacking PIH.
  6. ^ I feel the same way, I used CSR which is great so I still stick with the CSR forum; but this forum is the worse ever, its like a whole forum of people who have home-made remedies that they swear work, but no one else can really back them up... of course there are some exceptions, but its been a hassle to toss out the garbage and actually find stuff that has some evidence.
  7. Well if you do that then you're risking breaking out in that area, then you're worse off than where you started. If you have red marks, get an AHA; if you have brown/purple/darker marks, try kojic acid (works like hydroquinone, but you cannot use hydroquinone and bp together).
  8. My skin tone is also definitely even, it worked for my redmarks and has rid my face of the overall red complexion. I don't see how you guys can only do 1 pump tho, I do one full pump on each side of my face, half a pump on my forehead and half a pump each on each side of my neck.. no problems so far. If you have brown/purple/darker pigmentation, it won't do anything.
  9. I definitely do not recommend that you do it only once a day especially since you've only been on it for a week or whatever. Wait til you've been 100% clear for a few weeks and then you can try and see what happens, but most people report that their face goes to crap once they teeter off the regimen at all. You can use LESS BP until your face gets used to it, but I think cleansing your face, renewing the BP and re-applying moisturizer every 12 hours is definitely going to help you out in keepi
  10. Salycilic acid also works well for blackheads; however, not everyone's skin will accept the use of both BP and SA.. or she can even just exfoliate with baking soda on her nose. Baking soda works as an exfoliant, but its gentle. An AHA like Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Facial Lotion might also work since it is also an exfoliant (chemical exfoliant).. it is much more gentle, so it might not be as effective.
  11. Oo B5 in there.. looks pretty good, but I'm gonna stick with Neutrogena's Healthy Skin Facial Lotion (because it has AHA) and has mad my face much more soft and smooth.
  12. CSR definitely works well for me, ever since I started this 5 months ago, my skin is the best its been in years. I've been on proactiv and it worked pretty well, but took a year or so before all my marks went away and then it stopped working a year later.
  13. If you order it online for me and get it sent to you and then you send it to me, I can get you Neutrogena On-The-Spot!
  14. I really want to get a hold of some 4% hydroquinone, but you need a prescription to get it in the US, but what if I ordered it from a Canadian source? will they ship to the US? because I know that 4% is available OTC in Canada, BUT banned in the US.. will this still work? or is there going to be some type of problem with customs?
  15. yeah, it depends on how severe your acne is, how long you've been on the regimen.. i've been on the regimen for over 5 months and didn't miss it once in the first 4 or so months and i've missed it 3-4 times from coming home on drunken nights in the past month or so, i brokeout a week or two later, but not too bad.
  16. ^ I disagree.. 1 week is DEFINITELY not enough time.. I went thru hell with my skin for 2 months before I actually got over the hill, and it took 3 months to be completely clear, and now I'm in month 5 and I still get the occasional breakout, but my skin hasn't been this clear and healthy my entire life.. my complexion is a different story because my face has plenty of post-acne marks (some scarring but mostly brown marks.
  17. Anyone using kojic acid for PIH? I wanted to use hydroquinone, but it should be used with any peroxide products because it can stain the skin. Can kojic acid do any harm when combined with BP?
  18. I can't help you out, but man I wish I could get some good hydroquinone.
  19. ^ Peels cause downtime where you should not be using BP, so I recommend taking care of your acne first until you've been 100% clear for a few weeks before trying a peel.
  20. BP has been known to speed up aging and it does dry out your skin and since your forehead is more taut already than your cheeks and whatnot, it just might turn out that way when excessively dry.
  21. took me 3 months.. im 5 months in now and get the occasional pimple still, but i've had 1 or 2 breakouts between getting clear and now. the breakouts are quick tho and pimples go away quickly also.
  22. i used it twice a day from the start and my skin got really really red and stingy, but now i use 3-4 pumps twice a day and it goes on fine.. i know some people wont recommend it, but it does fine for my skin and i figure the more AHA the faster i'll fade the marks.