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  1. If you're getting brown marks, I would look into 4% hydroquinone. There are a lot of risks associated with it and you CANNOT use it with Dan's Regimen. I'm using Obagi's 4% Hydroqinone for the past 2 weeks and my marks have faded dramatically. Hydroquinone basically inhibits melanin production. So while your skin stops producing "color" at that spot, you exfoliate your skin and new skin will appear WITHOUT the brown color at that spot.
  2. Sweat comes out your pores and thats where pimples come from and thats where you want BP to be. So if you're sweating, BP is gonna come out. I would suggest adjusting your regimen so you re-apply your BP right after your exercise and then again 12 hours later (this may be hard because its in the middle of the night, but maybe you can just do it first thing in the morning before school).
  3. I do not think there is such thing as a "purge." I've been on the regimen for almost a year now and it does take a while for your skin to get used to it. Even after 6 months of the regimen, my skin was flaky and felt like crap if I didn't moisturize it. If I do not moisturize now, my skin still feels smooth and no flakes, but of course I still moisturize.
  4. fthea118

    asian skin

    I have light asian skin and I'm going to try to use hydroquinone to get rid of my brown marks.
  5. Is it effective and OK to use hydroquinone at night without BP and then BP in the mornings/day without hydroquinone? Is there still a danger of stained skin? Or will hydroquinone still be as effective (will I need to keep it on 24/7?)? Thanks.
  6. Can you just purchase high percentage (4%+) hydroquinone online? If so, where?
  7. fthea118

    Car Mirror

    Flourescent lighting is the worst! Especially if you're working in an office because it brings everything out PLUS its directly on top of you which means that it will create shadows and make any scars look really deep. Yellow lighting that is coming from the sides (not directly on top) makes your skin look the best, or complete darkness too
  8. If you use the neutrogena lotion w/o spf 15 you can damage your skin and make your acne worse. Since you're already using BP your skin is supersensitive and needs protection from the sun and using an AHA makes it even more sensitive. So you either should use the neutrogena w/ spf15 or not use it at all, but it is highly recommended that you find some kind of protection.
  9. Man, I haven't been to this board in a while, but reading these posts get me depressed and make me not want to come anymore because you're saying your skin is horrible but I would trade skins with you in a second.. =\
  10. The reason why it is giving some of you guys scarring is because you're probably using it with BP in your regimine. The active ingredient inside the lightening lotion, which is hdroquinone, SHOULD NOT be used with any peroxide (aka benzoyl peroxide).
  11. Umm.. why would it help with moderate acne, but not mild acne when mild is less severe than moderate??
  12. ^ exactly.. the reason why you only see posts about things that people ARE doing is because once they get it to work.. they're gone.. i am on my 3rd-4th week of kojic acid for my pih, and it is working, slowly but definitely surely.. the best thing to do while you're waiting tho.. i just to stop caring about them.
  13. how far along are you with the regimen? if you're new your skin needs to adjust still and BP always makes your skin super sensitive so everything burns.
  14. try kojic acid.. i've been using it for 3 weeks.. and its work.. slowly.. at this rate, i don't see my marks fading to an unnoticeable point until summer 07
  15. dark marks fade.. it took about a year for mine to and then i had the best time of my life, people were complimenting me on my skin and i just looked better.. and then my face went to crap again for about 7 months (beginning in january). i used csr and between months 4 and 7 i began seeing improvement.. now its 9 months almost 10 month later and my skin hasn't been this healthy EVER.. my complexion on the other hand requires a lot of patience and work.. i am using kojic acid and gycolic acid t
  16. make sure you have good sun protection too!! thats very important.. i think thats kinda what screwed me over, i've had pretty bad acne before and recovered from it and got rid of all my dark marks.. but then it just came back and my face has it pretty bad so i know it will eventually go away, just a lot faster if you use sun protection (sun makes them darker).
  17. fthea118

    Kojic Acid?

    I've tried it, I'm about a week and a half into it (they say it takes 30 days to start seeing results).. so I'm not sure yet.
  18. You didn't break otu from using the ACV.. you just broke out because you broke out.. all part of the experience
  19. I'm at the 6 month mark (can't believe its actually been that long).. it worked great for me; however, some people will confuse "working great" with "immediate/miraculous results." My face is in the best shape that its been in ever since.. well.. before puberty. My complexion still needs ALOT of work (I have a lot of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation), but its healthy, smooth, soft, and acne free. I haven't had more than 2 pimples (minor ones also) on my face at one time in the past month o
  20. I'm going to try to help you out.. it seems as if that cleanser that you're using has salicylic acid as an active ingredient? doesn't it? if it does, get rid of it and use either cetaphil's facial cleanser or purpose gentle cleanser. now the BP that you are using is fine, but you need to repeat your regimen twice a day (morning and night).. not just at night.
  21. just search for kojic acid thru google.. its not that hard..
  22. Just check all the CSR recommended moisturizers. None of them contain oil, you must be confused and think that the "greasy" look is oil, but it really isn't. What are you using right now?
  23. No one has reported any irritation or breakouts from putting this on your face? I wouldn't think so since you aren't applying much. I wonder if it does the same for brown marks.