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    Art is not a crime. Graffiti, graf stickers, hip hop, classical music. Mozart, UB40, Sports, Basketball. All the young ladies out there.=D<br /><br />Blank walls are for blank minds. 4:20

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  1. Is the earth still flat? Was Adam stoned when he ate that damn apple? Everyone who was born before Jesus went to hell? Just because they were unfortunate enough to be born in the wrong time frame? Satan made the dinosaurs? The pope claims he talks to God while he has a $250,000 Gold walking stick? Christianity fascinates me.
  2. I'm gonna start boxing..... so i can punch people who don't have acne in the face....... The boxer is an artist, his gloves is his brush, and his opponents head is his canvas... Paint well haha
  3. You'll be happy once your clear....... But eventually your human mind will find something else to worry about.... Thats life
  4. Changes Tupac" Shakur Ill C U When you get there" Coolio Everything you Want" Vertical Horizon Red Red Wine" UB40 Seasons Riddim" Sean Paul Days of our lives" Bone Thugs n Harmony
  5. Lincoln, hip-hop, and Mozart, what a mix. ;)

  6. It doesn't matter. But May I ask... Do you value your knee caps?
  7. Man she probably doesn't care at all. Now she probably thinks you don't like her because the way your acting. You best fix it quick bro. Do not waist time and live life like a rehearsal... The play starts now.
  8. i READ Somewhere SAD is caused by a dopamine deficiency. Dopamine is a chemical in your brain that creates emotions such as "Motivation" "Happiness" "Reward". You can cure SAD if you study the problem. If you cant find the problem maybe there is no problem. Its all in our heads
  9. I just put like 5 tablespoons worth on every meal. So I take about 20 tablespoons a day. Good stuff. Lots of Fiber & o3.
  10. Rice is good. Most of the world eats rice.....