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  1. I have been dealing with acne for almost 3 years now. It has become a part of my life and I have gone through so many phases with it and done so many treatments. Accutane came eventually and it basically pushed me behind the curve so that acne is now manageable but still a real problem with my skin. My skin itself is also quite sensitive to red marks and I always get marks from old acne and have some that are months and months, even years, old. I use taz everyday and it manages my acne and h
  2. I completely agree!! It has been almost a year since I finished my course and I rarely get pimples or breakouts now. In fact, I ended my course in september and since then I have only gotten one single pimple that came to a white head. All the others I have had (which have been few, like maybe 5 in only 6 months) were minor, not painful, and went away fast without leaving a mark!! I still have red marks from the BAD acne I had before accutane (over a year ago now) but they are fading with
  3. At least you have the confidence to actually buy it yourself. I can't even buy the stuff myself because im too embarrassed about the cashier (who i dont know 99% of the time) scanning it, I make my mom buy it for me.
  4. Do you seriously believe that there is some magical Gone-In-7-Days cure out there? Do you seriously believe that if it existed we would actually spend part of our lives on these forums? Unless you have a genie in a bottle laying around there is nothing that will go *poof* and make your face instantly beautiful. Its unfortunate though, but true. Ugh, im sorry, but I just strongly do not like these threads... there is one every week it seems. And your life wont be over.. just keep reading t
  5. you have active acne. Your pictures are clear enough to show it. You first need to get rid of the inflammation / lesions before treating the hyperpigmentation (red marks). I.E. Your skin needs to be "clear", or free from bumps. Effective red mark treatments like acids should not be used on active acne. Getting rid of acne and red marks can be tricky to juggle between (once you clear up and treat red marks you break out again, ugh.. i know how that feels) so it can be very effective to use a
  6. Thanks everyone. I really need approval honestly, because my own self-image is SO contorted.. i need to know what i look like from the outside to other people.. mirrors and pics dont matter when your rate yourself differently than everyone else anyway. As for what I have been using: Bio Oil at night and Neutrogena Visibly Even SPF 15. I dated those pics.. the first set was taken May 10 while the second was taken August 26th. During that entire time I was using Bio Oil and Visibly Even; I fin
  7. Hey Guys, Ive been slowly improving my red marks over the last 4-5 months. I have been doing all kinds of things for them, but mainly been using Bio Oil and I also finished a course of accutane. These pictures were taken in the middle of my accutane course, about 4-5 months ago. NOTE: I am TERRIBLE with pictures. All of my pics look like mug shots and I know I look trashed in some of them. So.. yea, sorry in advance. Right Side: http://i194.photobucket.com/albums/z78/mys...e1/PICT0086.jp
  8. As school starts again and as I am beginning my senior year in school, I cant help but think about what the same process had been like a year earlier. A week before school started in 2006 I had a freak glycolic peel that resulted in my skin blotchily hyperpigmenting and I had been also put on benzaclin and antibiotics, the first real Rx's I had ever recieved for acne. I had blotchy, uneven skin tone and moderate acne as I entered school last year. Looking back, I have finally become comfortab
  9. Perez Hilton's blog is trashy and so is he. He really has nothing nice to say about anyone and is just jealous.
  10. NEVER do a TCA peel exceeding 12.5 % in strength at home. TCA is MUCH stronger than glycolic acid. 50%-100% TCA is not for the face and can seriously burn your skin, leaving scars, and forever changing the way it looks (not in a good way either). 30% - 50% TCA should not even be done at home but instead by a derm or professional. Anything less than 30% can be done at home but you must use precaution and be very careful I recommend starting out at 10-12% TCA for a beginning series of TCA pee
  11. Forehead!! The breakouts their fade faster and dont normally scar. I have acne on my cheeks and i HATE it because the red marks last FOREVER on my cheeks but not as long on my forehead or neck.
  12. My WORST side effect was DRY arms! Dry lips, face and legs too.. but my arms were especially sensitive because I would get weird red rashes if I did not apply lotion EVERY DAY to my arms. Another bad one was back pains.. I felt like an old man because my back would hurt a lot from being in various positions. I have NEVER had back pain before and used to do tumbling and basic acrobatics all the time without back problems.. but that went away after a while and only came back when my dosages wer
  13. Dont pay for anything!! Make the biggest show and demand money!! Tell all your friends about how horrible your derm is and have a nasty cuss out session with the receptionist. I have done this many times with doctors i did not like.