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  1. i know exactly wat ur going though esspecially with the forearm shit i had to shave down for a swim race i know it sounds gay but my coach told me then the hair folicules of my arm got infected and now it looks like acne on my arms i hate it! if u find out any thing that helps. tell me thanks. tim
  2. i exercise for atleast 2-3 hours everyday. and my skin was always shitty. the only thing that helped is... of course ACNE PRODUCTS. Although.... maybe my skin would have been worse if i didnt exercise? whoknows. But it is not the answer to fixing acne thats for sure. This doesnt mean don't exercise' ... its still good in other ways obviously
  3. hey guys I'm a swimmer and i hop into a pool anywhere from 2-4 hours every day of the week (equals around 18 hours a week) I also have acne, so this topic is probably my specialty. lol. Anyway... as far as chlorine goes with killing (or helping) ance, with myself it has no effect, rather it makes it worse. The chlorine really drys out my skin and makes it flake, and the when i put acne products on, it bloody stings. I guess most of you guys out there don't swim as much as I, so im not sure if a
  4. thanks, anyone else?
  5. i think you should go to a derm asap. Get their opinion. You don't want to get bad acne again.
  6. Hey people, Basically, I am starting to get some body pimples. I have always had 1 or 2 on my body, which were barely noticeable, and probably due to hormones as I am 15. Recently I have noticed more and more small pimples popping up almost everywhere, few on shoulders, chest, mid back etc. I have been through mild acne on my face and it’s a lot better. I am still using a topical antibiotic, and differin at night for my face. I find it hard to use these products on my back, purely beca
  7. Age: 15 Sex: Male School/College: one day Acne status: improving Favorite thing about yourself: artwork What would you change about yourself (other than acne): my age Favorite movie: Rocky Favorite book: Lance armstrong auto What would you most like to be (job frame of mind etc): Prof. swimmer Sports other interests: swimming & running Compare yourself to an animal: tiger
  8. i would say 1 - 2 weeks. but some seem to go away and then come back.
  9. What's the longest time that you have had a pimple for... One single pimple, without going away. Not including the red mark left behind, just the buldgy lumpy part. think about it. ???
  10. actually i have some, kinda dying down now cuz of the accutane, but when it was a cyst, it burts open, and puss came out and the skin was fucked haha wait, i went to the doctor and he said it was an infection...called folliculosis. Cus i thought it was a bit random just having a few there.
  11. hay does anyone get pimples around the elbow region, sorta in the crease/fold of the arm?? I got a few, it's sorta below the bicept near the forearm. thanks