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  1. Hi @jPablo! I am female, I am 26 years old. I have had acne in some form throughout my teenage years but my acne worsened in my 20s. I would describe my acne as moderate to severe. I also had lots of scarring and hyper-pigmentation. I have pictures of my skin at it's worst in this thread, just click the link if you would like to have a look:
  2. My acne is healed. I healed my skin with a combination of: Diet - I do not eat gluten, I avoid dairy products, lots of fruits and vegetables. I still enjoy my food and eat out on occasion. A few months of the caveman regimen (which allowed me to discover that my skin is extremely DRY and SENSITIVE not oily.) Stopping my skin picking habit (took a long time but I no longer touch my face or pick my skin.) The first and most important rule of my current acne routine is that it
  3. Hi there @oliviajade64! Quitting skin picking was one of the hardest parts of my journey healing my skin. You are definitely not alone! I started a thread some time ago with some tips that helped me... Hopefully some of them can help you too: Mild exfoliation My skin leans towards being quite dry, which means I can suffer from some skin flaking, which always results in picking, because if I find something to pick at, I am going to pick it until it's "gone." I have found that very gently exfol
  4. Hi Maria, Could I ask you what oil you are using for your makeup removal and moisturiser? It is very important that you are not using a pore clogging or irritating oil. I would also recommend you look into oils high in linoleic acid (such as grape seed and hemp) as these are the best for acne prone skin. Not all oils are created equal - you should make sure that any oil your using on your skin is the best quality you can get. Cold-pressed, virgin, organic oils are best. When you tone with
  5. In my opinion, standing in front of the mirror in natural daylight, with the light coming from in front of you if possible (not from the side or behind) is the most accurate representation of your skin and how others might see your skin. After all, no one is looking at you through a phone camera lens unless they're taking a photo of you.
  6. I have been experimenting for about 2 weeks with completely eliminating exfoliation from my skincare routine. I have very dry, dehydrated, and extremely sensitive acne-prone skin. I used to mistake it for very oily skin until I quite using harsh acne cleansers and benzoyl peroxide. I used to exfoliate at least twice a week, very gently, with a washcloth or crystallised raw honey. I've tried quitting before and it has only made my skin worse, lots of dead skin cell build up and drier an
  7. Hi @behumble. Please don't use comedogenic oils for that purpose! Coconut oil will only really work for people with extremely good skin that is not prone to clogging/blackheads or acne. Even removing it with a washcloth will not remove all of the oils from your face. And if you are going to use coconut oil it should really only be cold pressed, organic, extra virgin. Raw honey specifically is very good for this stage in the process. I would leave it on my face as a mask for as many hours as I
  8. I'm not a doctor, but this looks like seborrheic dermatitis or folliculitis - it might be worth doing some reading into these conditions. It appearing over night like that is quite unusual though. You should really see a dermatologist. In the mean time - I'm a big advocate for natural solutions where possible - I think applying some raw honey to the affected area as a mask and leaving it on for as long as possible (anything from 1-5 hours) should really calm down the irritation and act as a mi
  9. Had a very slight breakout on my right cheek. Just 3 or 4 little red dots. Putting it down to either quitting the ACV toner or the bowl of porridge I had at a friends house (I've been avoiding porridge and all grains for about 9 months.) So no more porridge for me and I'm going to try and reintroduce the mild ACV toner every few days and see where that gets me.
  10. Oh no that's awful! ACV is definitely an extremely strong treatment. I've only ever had success with it very diluted as a toner or as a direct spot treatment applied with a cotton bud to active pimples. It was particularly helpful when I used a cupful in my bathtub was suffering bouts of stress-induced eczema. I think you have to be quite careful with mixing something so acidic with anything else as it can very easily cause a chemical reaction that can burn. Have you tried using honey or oatme
  11. This regimen has been going great. I've actually quit using the ACV all together. Now I just wet a cotton pad in luke warm water and gently swipe it over my face if I feel like I need 'exfoliation' - no more than 3 times a week. My overall skin texture has improved greatly. I am no longer seeing those little rosacea bumps and I am not experiencing the 'dead skin mask' issue that I had with the caveman regimen. I am still applying oil every day and paying special attention to my nose which see
  12. I've splashed luke warm water on my face twice since I started this regimen. I haven't exfoliated once and everything seems to be going well. I've had a cold for the past week or so, thus blowing my nose constantly and have that tell-tale dry red bit around my nostrils but I'm hoping that will go away by itself over time without me having to scrub it off. I had one minor pimple forming on my right cheek after a night of heavy drinking, but I applied my oil as usual and it went away completely
  13. The pores in my nose have always been very open with little black/grey dots. I believe this is hereditary and I've read that it may just be sebaceous filaments as opposed to a nose covered in blackheads. It's not something that has bothered me that much but since I have been diligently applying oil and cut down on my drying skincare routine I have noticed that these pores have shrunk down and become much less noticeable!
  14. Honestly it's just so rewarding to be able to reach out to someone. That's wonderful that your husband is coming home. 3 months is a long time! And it's so great that you have someone to love you and support you. Acne can feel like such a punishment but you can conquer it. Unfortunately it just takes time and figuring out what is right for your body. I remember reading an article once that said that those people with acne are lucky in a way - acne is our body's way of telling us that something
  15. Thanks for asking this. I think it's a really important topic and it's not too personal for me. Firstly I think it's important for me to stress that no matter how I came across in the caveman logs, that time of my life was one of, if not the most emotionally distressing time I have been thorough. I felt like a monster, I felt trapped in my own home, I avoided social events and I cried most days. And, like you, I punished myself for feeling like this, for wanting to be pretty and thinking I wa