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  1. I used this all the time and cannot find it in any shops. I used to order, instead, via Amazon but now they say they are out of stock. I know BP is apparently banned in the UK so I'm guessing they are not allowed to continue with the product?? If you google OXY they only seem to do organic/natural facial products now??
  2. Thanks for the tips on those products. I may look into ordering that cleanser. I went on roaccutane about 5 years ago. Afterwards I noticed a big improvement in my skin but I still suffer with mild breakouts and recently can't seem to shift breakouts on the side of my face (sort of in front of my ears area) and it's really bothering me. I've been using benzol peroxide for about 2 years and it has helped (as well as bleaching everything in my house) but even that seems to have its good and
  3. I stopped using it. I tried it for 4 days and although my skin was feeling better my breakouts were still coming. And the acne I had already before using Salcura was not going away. Back on BP.
  4. Thanks RAK. Today is DAY 2 [TUESDAY]: I haven't noticed many more spots on the surface of my skin. When I spray the Salcura onto my skin it does feel like it tightens the skin a little and I have noticed my skin feeling slightly less greasy. That said, I haven't as yet noticed my current acne reducing or fading....
  5. So here is the video clip, shown on a UK TV programme called 'Embarrassing Bodies'. They tested a number of different acne products on the market in the UK and 'Salcura: Antiac' came out on top. http://youtu.be/gwAd9QX_ZSQ I ordered some of this and did notice it appeared to break me out. But for the sake of acne.org and anyone reading I am going to continue using this product and let you all know the results. Today is DAY 1 [MONDAY]: Currently my skin is quite spotty in the side areas on my
  6. Yeh I used it twice now and noticed it started to break me out... I am too scared to continue using.
  7. Going to start using this. They had a TV show in the UK where they tested a range of 'spot-fighting' products and this came out on top. It just smells like Tea Tree to me but we will see. I will give it a week and see if I notice any improvement.
  8. I started and my skin has got worse...? Any suggestions?
  9. I just came off of Minocycline, after going back on them for 1 week lol. I was on them for about 6-7 years some time ago, then went to Accutane and then started with Differin. My skin is a lot better than before but I still get occasional breakouts so decided to try antibiotics again. Needless to say I've felt sick ever since and my skin has actually broken out worse than before I went on them, so I am stopping today. STEER CLEAR
  10. I was on Accutane for abour 4 months a few years back, it improved my skin lots but I still suffered from outbreaks and small pimples occasionally. I went back to my Derm over a yeara go and started using Differin. Again, my skin is not as bad as it once was but I still suffer with whiteheads and small outbreaks. Prior to going on Accutane I had been on antibiotics for (believe it or not) almost ten years to try and combat my bad skin. Question is - are antibiotics more likely to have better
  11. How is it inspiring? She uses make up and has great lighting in the second pic
  12. I had 2 horrible spots, which I squeezed last night. This morning they are red and dry. Ikve moisturised but anything else I can use ?
  13. Anyone used this and had much success? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Quinoderm-Face-Was...7455&sr=8-1
  14. Glad I stumbled across this thread as I am on Differen... roughly now for about 3 months and still getting breakouts though nothing I can't handle. I came off differin about 3 days ago and my skin is breaking out even more so I think I will go back on it and give it a few more months.
  15. Bump. I just bought this facefash last week. Although my skin feels nicer I have experienced a bad breakout and I'm wondering if anyone else has used this product and experienced the same. I don't know if I should stop or continue to use this facewash now...
  16. i'm glad this thread is helping people to realise even celebs suffer like the rest of us. It's not about poking fun merely realising that we are not alone!
  17. spillett


    Hey I went back to my derm a few weeks ago because I had started to suffer with breakouts quite regularly again. Previously I went on Roaccutane for 4 months and was clear for about 6 months and then my skin was 'okay' for about a year or so after that... Anyway, I started using Differin about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I started gradually, building it up over a week or so and then using it every night. After a week my skin was clearing up and looked really good. 3 weeks on, although my skin isn't lo
  18. MEGAN FOX BRITNEY SPEARS Thursday, July 9, 2009 Celebrities with Bad Skin: Even Celebrities Also Get Acne Scarlet Johannson, Carrie Prejean, Kate Hudson, Anne Hathaway, and Kristine Dunst are just some of the Hollywood actresses who are adored for their beautiful skin. On the other hand, behind all the make up and heavily photoshopped pictures, you would find out that not a
  19. If you live in the UK, you can order Dr Bronners from amazon.co.uk I ordered the Peppermint one and then the Tee-tree one. Sadly the Peppermint one broke me out really badly so I stopped using it and now I'm thinking of avoiding it all together. I think it's too drying for my skin type.
  20. Geez I worry about how often people go on it. I was on it for 4 months. At first, when I finished my course - my skin was immaculate. Now my skin is not so great however much better than it was before. I still break out but not as bad. But I think, as some have stated, accutane is not a cure, just something to prevent the acne coming back.. whether be for months or years. Look to other parts of this forum some advise on natural products to use on your skin etc and make sure to eat and drink h
  21. Ordered some from Amazon.co.uk!! Will give a try. I've also tried everything aeeb on antibiotics and accutane. desperate to find something that will help
  22. http://www.theprivateclinic.co.uk/microsites/acne/index.html