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  1. Have hope, and keep on keepin' on, guys. I've got about 2 months left. Accutane is a miracle worker! As a reminder, I was on 40mg twice a day, so 80 mg in all daily. Just gotta push through the rough patches of it, and maybe it can do this for you.
  2. Tests results came back, and I do NOT have cancer! I'll have to get my swollen lymph node surgically removed, but it's not cancer so YAAA! About halfway through month 2 now, and it appears a miracle has happened. LOOK AT MY SKIN. It's not swollen, I've had maybe 2-3 pimples come up in the past 5 days. Nothing hurts, and I feel as smooth as a baby's bottom! The biggest problem is redness, but as always that takes time. Here's a pic, I FEEL SO GREAT
  3. Something that helped me out a bit at first was Neosporin. I'd rub it on before bed and it helped with pain and swelling! Drink a ton of water as well, water is what was my lifesaver I believe. Good luck on your course man!
  4. A lymph node on my neck has been swollen for 3-4 months, the doctor was worried because swelling is supposed to go down within a couple weeks. It's about the size of a grape, too! I think it'll end up being nothing, but the doctors are having me tested for it either way.
  5. My sister actually made it! Skin is doing well, but I went to the doctor's office today and they're having me tested for cancer. A little scared but I think I'll be fine!
  6. I'd say the acne behaves just like it would without Accutane - stress, lack of sleep, etc. makes you more susceptible to breakouts. But like any other acne, Accutane will clear it up eventually. My advice, try to take things as easy as you can. If your acne is enough to be on Accutane, you don't need more piled on top of that.
  7. Thanks! The way I see it, being upset about how sucky my skin will only piss me off, so it's better to try not to worry. And it helps me personally to joke around about it, I've convinced one person I had leprosy... Maybe I can get someone to think I have Ebola. Hope your course goes well too. )
  8. Today marks a month on Accutane! I get whiteheads still but not as often (or big). PUT NEOSPORIN ON WHITEHEADS, it helps! I get headaches every once and a while but not very often. Dandruff and itchy scalp is thankfully gone! Skin still gets drier than the Sahara, but lotion helps it out. I drink so much water... Anyways, here's a pic taken two minutes ago.
  9. At your dose, you might not even notice the dryness too much! But just in case - some things you'll need: CHAPSTICK - I use a Neutrogena brand one and it helps me out a lot. CLEANSER - Make sure it's gentle! My derm recommended Cetaphil so I use that! LOTION - also make sure it's gentle, I just use Cetaphil lotion as well. It works for me! AQUAPHOR - This is basically chapstick x's 100, I slather it on at night and it keeps me from cracking. WATER WATER MORE WATER PATIENCE - It
  10. Thankful to have friends who care more about me than they do my face! It's a real blessing. I'm hoping I start seeing some more differences with my Accutane treatment soon, I'm on 80 mg daily and I'm just about a month in. Sucks though, my face is really REALLY red now. Giant splotches of red. Oh well, complaining won't fix it, only time (and Accutane) will.
  11. I looked in the mirror today and there was noticeably less swelling in my cheek, it was awesome! Haha things seem to be looking up already! I wonder if a higher dose brings out the IB quicker/stronger? Or maybe this has just been a good past week!
  12. Neosporin did something weird (but insanely wonderful). I slathered it on bad spots two days ago and watched a movie, when the movie was over I checked my face... Almost all gunk had been pushed out of the places I put it at, and I wiped my face gently with a washcloth... All dried chunks of pus that were there before were gone. Is this normal?! I've had a few small whiteheads pop up (5-6 tiny ones a day), a monster on my nose that popped up 2 days ago but is fine now. I'm still very dry but
  13. Still feeling quite sad, but there's a reason behind it that isn't Accutane! Girls, man. ( Also, school's starting tomorrow so I looked through pictures from the summer. Bad freaking idea. How the frick does THIS happen in a two month period?
  14. Not sure if it's the Accutane or something else, but I feel so empty emotionally right now. Just gotta climb out of this slump, I guess.