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    I'm a very outdoorsy person . I like to go rock climbing, hiking , bike riding . I also have a passion for weightlifting and mixed martial arts .

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  1. Yes, definitely . I never want to go out because of my acne and scars . I have this raised scar on the left side of my neck right under my ear and I am very self conscious about it . I can't have someone be to the left side of where I'm standing because I'm afraid their going to see it . Especially if I get a pimple right underneath the scar it becomes 2x bigger . I still try my best though to just suck it up and have fun . I can't have acne dictate my life anymore . I have to accept what it
  2. I've had similar experiences like you as well. When I was in middle school my acne was at its worst . My cousins use to call me pizza face , moon crater , etc. They would also just stare at me and look at me in disgust . Obviously this brought my self esteem down tremendously. It sucks and I know you are emotionally hurt, but don't let them get to you. They are ignorant and instead of making fun of you they should be supporting you . You are going to get through this just don't give up !
  3. Im 23 years old and have been suffering from acne for 10 years already . It sucks . It really does. Acne is so emotionally painful that sometimes you have no choice to break down because the pain is so unbarable . When I was a teenager I was in the same boat as you. I never wanted to go out or go to school because people would make fun of me everyday . Even my own family ! It ruined relationships , friendships, and made me extremely depressed. Everytime I would talk to someone they would look
  4. I totally feel you ! When I was reading your story I felt like i wrote this myself . I am 23 years old and I have been dealing with acne for over a decade now . Acne for sure ruined my teenage years. In middle school i had no self-esteem whatsoever .. My friends and even family members would make fun of me. They would look at me with disgust and ask me why I had so many zits on my face. I had moderate to severe acne in middle school . Going into high was the same. I wanted to be popular , known
  5. Acne is tough, especially when your transitioning into high school . Everybody wants to have a cool high school experience and not having to worry about having bumps in your face . Trust me been there done that. It sucks . My friends and even family would make fun of me. They would call me similar names like pizza face, the moon , greaseball , etc etc. People are extremely cruel . Especially when they are ignorant and have no idea what we people that suffer from acne have to go through on a dail
  6. I feel the same exact way . I love summer because you can go to the beach and have a good time , but then I take a step back & think "oh yea you can't do that " . Why ? Because of acne scars all over my body. & I'm not talking about your regular deep acne scars , I'm talking about hypertrophic scars. I have them in my chest and shoulders and they suck . I don't think anybody has ever seen me without a shirt in yeaaaaaaaaars. I also have one on my neck . It's not as big as the ones in my
  7. Don't worry buddy it will get better . I've been dealing with acne for almost 10 years now & even though my face is almost acne free i still have acne scars in both cheecks. They are not as severe as you would think , but they are still unattractive and under a dark thick of lighting they look terrible ( so I tend to stay away from being above lights right above me ) . I know how it feels when people look at your acne/scars and not you . It feels terrible & lowers your self esteeme. To t
  8. Hey, I know exactly how you feel . I started getting acne around the age of 13 and it got worse until the age of 16. I had severe to moderate acne . From big huge blemishes to cyst on my back, chest , and shoulders. It was horrible & it made me very self conscious about myself . I was emotionally drained because people are simply, cruel....Especially in middle school . Acne completely change me inside out & I wasn't a confident , fun, goofy kid anymore. By high school years I had acne sc
  9. I honestly feel your moms pain & suffering . It's not easy & it's a everyday struggle us acne/acne scar sufferes have to deal with everyday. I have a hypertophic scar on the left side of my neck. It's a bump & around half a inch in radius . I notice when I go out people look at it & it makes me extremely uncomfortable. Standing in line to get food , or waiting in line at the grocery store & you can tell the person waiting behind you is staring at the scar. I'm really good at
  10. I get really small bumps in my scalp if I sweat a lot during my workouts . Also, I get them in my eyebrows because my sweat drops down there and I get small little whiteheads . So I make sure I take a towel w/ me. I also take a shower as soon as I'm done . And I mean ASAP ! And body acne is neutral . I say that because I don't break out as much anymore more in my back, chest, or shoulders like I use too , but sweating does cause acne in my body to a certain degree .
  11. I took accutane back when I was 16 or 17 I believe . My acne was moderate to severe and after accutane it was just mild with a few blemishes there and there . I did have side effects though . For example, depression was a big one. And oh man were my lips dry all the time ! lol Good luck on your accutane journey !
  12. Your definitely not a loser. I'm on the same boat as you. 22 years old with acne and scars . To top it all of I have hypertrophic scars on my shoulders and chest . ( if you don't know what that is google it) and a visible one on my left side of my neck ( small inch size bump) . Sometimes when I get out of the shower and stare at myself in the mirror I just want to break down and cry & basically just give up in life, but I don't . I tell myself I'm not going to let acne dictate my life. I've
  13. As I get older and older I notice that my acne is getting better & better. In my teens (I'm 22 btw) my acne was of course horrible . Cysts and blemished all over my face & body . For the past two years my acne has been quietly disappearing . I remember my back was filled with blemishes , but I hardly have any now. I get a few whiteheads there and there, but nothing to severe . I'm pretty sure my acne is caused by hormonal imbalances & since I'm towards the end of puberty my hormones
  14. Yes, looking back at old pictures or video of me makes me cringe. My acne was it's worse during middle/high school years . Obviously , going through puberty at the moment made it 10x worse. I remember back in my sophomore year of high school every day was a hassle. I never wanted to go school or make eye contact with anybody because they would just look at my acne and not me . These types of situations actually made me a stronger emotional person. Now at 22, I still have acne and scars , but