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  1. Hey there, I've always had mild body acne, mostly on my back, but currently I'm going through a pretty bad breakout for some reason. I was using Head and Shoulders for my back, but since it didn't seem to be working I tried switching to the Panoxyl 10% bar. I don't seem to be having much luck with that either. Has anyone tried using both Head and Shoulders and Panoxyl at the same time? I realize it might be a little drying, but it seems like this might work to combat both regular acne an
  2. This is a very interesting study. I have had MRSA and wonder if I still carry it. I have noticed that many times an itch I scratch turns into acne. Have you still noticed no significant staph in your nose? And do you think it's necessary to continue for a whole month?
  3. Thanks for the responses. The forehead comedones have definitely receded quite a bit over time, these are much less noticeable now and my face has adjusted fairly well to the Cetaphil. Now I'm just dealing with whiteheads around my T-zone.
  4. I have had mild acne all of my life, and a few months ago I decided to give the Clean and Clear Continuous Control 10% Benzoyl Peroxide wash a try to see if it would clear me of all my acne. It worked okay. Then I got a sunburn on my forehead and broke out with small closed comedones all over. I decided that the risks, like photosensitivity and overdrying and dyeing all of my towels, weren't worth it, so I stopped using it and went back to Cetaphil. It's been about a week and a half sinc