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  1. LOL, it burns and I need a fan!!! sorry thats so funny
  2. Heya, be careful if your face is going red!! I totally know how u wanna spray ur face with it every 45 mins, but I kinda did that, well, not every 45 mins but a lot, and it made my skin react and go all horrible. So stick to the once or twice a day!!
  3. Hi longshot! So far I have been doing: wash face with olay daily cleansers (combination/oily skin) put on ACV then when dry put on BP gel (well its actually Panoxyl but quite similar to BP gel) It has definaly been helping with red marks, although I've only been using it a week. I just need to make sure the ACV isn't too strong otherwise it burns.
  4. Maybe start off with a lower concentration, because if you aren't used to it you may burn your skin.
  5. Hi everyone! I first heard of ACV in the review section of makeupalley.com where everyone just raves about it. So I have started using it...... okay I must say that it makes my skin look absolutely flawless, the best it has ever looked. However, I think I over did it, like almost 100% ACV and a few times a day, while using BP and also using egg mask (very drying) so now my skin looks kinda mottled, and has tiny bumps all over. So I am seriously cutting down and doing about 1:7 parts ACV:water. I