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  1. so guys whats the latest on fraxel and your results so far?? im seriously considering doing fraxel starting in the new year, not sure if its going to be fraxel 1 or 2, but im in canada so im thinking fraxel 1. so any updates on results would be great,
  2. I dont believe in everything being rosy like some people sound here.. the guys that are bothering you, show em your strong about it and that it wont let you down. Get aggressive dont put your head down and walk away, if you hear someone mentioning something about your face, confront them right there agressive or not up to you. People like this if you show weakness they will pounce on it. show them you dont give a fuk and that your not one to screw around with.. they will get the picture belie
  3. excerise increases blood flow to the skin, it provides oxygen to the cells, so it does give your face a healthier look, now i dont think it will reduce scars but its good for you and it increases your skin health and the ability for it to heal.
  4. looks like shallow rolling scars in the bottom pic. it can be treated.
  5. Mainly rolling scars and large pore. 2 Needling Sessions on 2 of my biggest scars on the left cheek 20-30% improvement. 6 Smoothbeam treatments Lev14 all my face.. large pores 80-90% improvement rolling scars 40-50% improvement. going to do a few more SB, and then top it off with a CO2 or Dermabrasion
  6. I think everyone who wakes up in the morning and looks at there scars they do look better thats for sure..
  7. doesnt dr jain do subcision? i believe she does
  8. Ya i suggest any of the following. needling, dermabrasion, subcision, or series of smoothbeam treatments atleast 6-8.
  9. Yes people here who have done 2-3 or even 4 treatments and are expecting to see an improvement you might be dissapointed. I think with smoothbeam you need atleast 8 if you want pretty good results on your scars.. and remeber SB works best on rolling scars that are not too deep. and also it matters the strength your own.. i dont do anything less then 14, and about 100-150 zaps on each side of my face.. make sure your doctor does highlevel and plenty of zaps..
  10. Iam also thinking of starting to use this.. altough i dont have much expereince with it, but if your doing to remove scars go for the strongest.. dont waste time with the regular one
  11. Hi just had a question are the results from subcision permanent or what? maybe Ourfans can answer this better as she had done this procedure and the reults were very good thanks
  12. Well i will be finishing off my smootbeam treatments soon.. after that i would like to have 1 final treatment, a Dermabrasion just to smooth everything out, is there anyone i ontario that does this procedure? I know about Dr Y. in new orleans but really it would cost over $8000 to do that i was hoping there is a local doctor here who can do this.. or maybe even CO2 laser any help will be apreciated
  13. I had had 4 treatments with results.. nothing too crazy but i do see improvement.. and i have been so busy i havent been able to go for more in like 2-3 months.. iam starting again with another 4-5 treatments.. One good thing about smoothbeam is the downtime = 0 a little redness goes away within a day.. so thats why iam going to go for some more, hopefully i continue to see results.. otherwise i will have to take some time off and go for something like dermabrasion
  14. smoothbeam is not a fraud, and its not a miracle laser.. 4 treatments is not going to give you good results.. you have to do atleast 7-8. and if your scars are really deep and icepick it wont improve much smoothbeam is good with rolling scars mainly