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I can't live without this
You can only buy this at Shopper's Drug Mart and it only comes in a super light shade. It's shopper's version of Clearasil's discontinued cover stick. Has 2% salicylic acid which is hard to find in a concealer and this matches my skin tone perfectly. I was so bummed when Clearasil discontinued theirs that when I found this I make sure I have a few backups in case that ever happens again. Really great product.

By psychokitty,

Alright, nothing miraculous
Not really a big Neutrogena fan but this stuff is ok. It doesn't foam, only has 1% salicylic acid, and contains menthol so it makes your whole face feel cool and tingly. It reminds me a lot of the Burt's Bees Deep Clean Cleanser but that stuff I could not get to rinse completely off my face and this stuff easily rinses off.

By psychokitty,

Good Stuff
One of the few sulfur acne treatments you can find at the drugstore. One of the only ones I've found that works really well for me. It dries up acne really fast. Warning: Be careful putting this on your skin everyday. It dried me up so much it caused permanent wrinkles.

By psychokitty,

Always go back to it
I've been using this stuff for like 10 years. It seems to heal spots with out drying up your skin or causing irritation.

By psychokitty,

Not for me
I could not get this to rinse off my skin, even when I washed with something else right after. It left a waxy film. If you wash your hands with it you'll see the water bead up and sit on your skin. The smell is really strong menthol and makes your skin tingle, which I don't mind but heard that is not good for your face. I gave this a chance for a few days and then was covered in cystic acne.

By psychokitty,

Best Mask Ever
This stuff has many, many uses. It is awesome for purifying your skin but is almost a little uncomfortable when you use it. It feels like your face is pulsing when it is drawing out all the impurities. I just mix it with water but some people mix it with diluted ACV. I found that to be way to harsh on my skin. Definitely one of my favorite acne products ever.

By psychokitty,

Nice for oily skin
So far this company is really impressing me. This is a mild yet effective cleanser. Instead of having salicylic acid it has willow bark. It has no sulfates so it's not super lathering, but does foam. Your face doesn't feel stripped afterward and seems to be oil controlling. The citrus smell is nice.

By psychokitty,

Awesome Glycerin Soap!
This is the absolute BEST glycerin soap out there. It is unscented and only has a few ingredients: Sodium Palmate, Sodium Cocoate, Water/Eau/Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium Citrate. It doesn't strip your skin or dry it out. I have acne prone, oily/combination skin and have tried many other glycerin soaps and haven't found one that's even half as good as this one (might have something to do with only having a few ingredients). I've seen it around but never tried it cause I actually like scented soaps . Si

By psychokitty,