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  1. A couple of years ago I was the same way. I started taking natural supplements for anxiety and the last year I have felt much less fear and stress about my skin. I take L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP in the morning, GABBA and Melatonin at night. I think the L-Tyrosine and 5-HTP are what are really helping. I have indentation scars too and know it's normal to be bummed out about them because I've had them for 15+ years, but all of a sudden about 4 years ago I started obsessing about them and got level 10 d
  2. I am in the same boat in a lot of ways. I have terrible texture from years of being not-so-nice to my skin. For the last 20 years I've had the same few pretty major icepick scars from picking at acne (on my nose of all places) so I've always been insecure about those but in 2014 I started having a major hormonal imbalance and my skin got so bad and it seemed like everything was scarring and leaving scarred pores all over my face. Also looking wrinkly looking in places. I had just a total meltdo
  3. I don't know a great deal about PCOS but from my understanding it can cause major hormonal acne? My situation was actually the opposite of yours. I had beautiful glowing skin and amazing hair throughout my pregnancy and 3 months after more than half my hair fell out and I got bad cystic acne all over my face and body, which nothing would help. So I had to try to focus on being a new mom (of twins) while feeling so extremely bad about myself. I also took showers in the dark and tried not to look
  4. Oh, I'm sorry to hear it's not working. A lot of people have success but unfortunately some don't. If you're still taking and not having any luck after all this time I would stop. But I'm so sorry my suggestion made it worse I should have mentioned that if you've taken antibiotics you should take a probiotic of some kind, I find it easiest to take them in pill form but you can eat healthy yogurt every day, drink kombucha or eat fermented foods like kimchi. The antibiotics kill all the bad bact
  5. Have you already tried Vitex or any female balancing supplements? I had a horrible hormone imbalance after I had my kids and tried every natural thing I could find and nothing worked for me. But I didn't have a lot of money, if I did I would've had my thyroid tested and and also see if my adrenal glands were functioning properly. I gave up and got on birth control pills and it helped a lot but not as much as I thought. I regret doing it and am scared to come off of it. There are foods you can ea
  6. I thought this was really interesting. 3D printing has been around a few years but it still blows my mind. But I could see it being a scar treatment in the future... http://www.wakehealth.edu/Research/WFIRM/Research/Military-Applications/Printing-Skin-Cells-On-Burn-Wounds.htm http://searchcio.techtarget.com/opinion/3D-printing-technology-payoff-beyond-imagination Sorry if this has already been posted before. This site has changed so much since I've last been on and I was having trouble searc
  7. Sadly, these are pretty permanent. It's like that because of loss of tissue under the skin and not because the skin isn't growing back. I have a few so I know now never ever pick scabs. You could try massaging oil into it for like 15 minutes a day and see if that doesn't help stimulate collagen growth and if that doesn't work maybe look into dermarolling. But really, there's no products that can really fix that. On the bright side, at least it's on your forehead where you can have bangs cover it
  8. Well, for oily skin you could look into adding vitamin d3. There is lots of info on it here on acne.org. A lot of people swear it fixes their oily skin. You might also look into jojoba oil instead of using a moisturizer. Some people might disagree with me on this but if your skin is oily you don't need any more moisture. Jojoba oil is very close to human sebum so it tricks your skin into thinking it's produced enough oil. I mix it with Jason's 98% aloe gel and that works really well. Also, a lot
  9. I can't live without this

    You can only buy this at Shopper's Drug Mart and it only comes in a super light shade. It's shopper's version of Clearasil's discontinued cover stick. Has 2% salicylic acid which is hard to find in a concealer and this matches my skin tone perfectly. I was so bummed when Clearasil discontinued theirs that when I found this I make sure I have a few backups in case that ever happens again. Really great product.
  10. Alright, nothing miraculous

    Not really a big Neutrogena fan but this stuff is ok. It doesn't foam, only has 1% salicylic acid, and contains menthol so it makes your whole face feel cool and tingly. It reminds me a lot of the Burt's Bees Deep Clean Cleanser but that stuff I could not get to rinse completely off my face and this stuff easily rinses off.
  11. That's lame. I hear some pretty awful stories about derms. They can sound pretty high and mighty. I tend to not stick up for myself in situations like that, too. You kind of go into shock and don't realize what's even happening until it's too late. It might make you feel better to give him a bad review on yelp or something. Maybe you can spare someone a visit to him because of it. Assholes are really not worth getting down about yourself. Remember, he'd the one with issues here. But I do agree w
  12. All the stuff I collect I put outside of thriftstores. The thriftstores don't actually take them but if you put them out after they close people go through the stuff during the night. I used to live right next to one and would check and everything always got taken by someone. I do that with makeup I don't like either. I make sure I put it somewhere dry and make it relatively easy to go through.
  13. Hey, My skin is similar. You could try using a plain old washcloth for exfoliation. I'd try using a cleanser with it that has zinc in it. That helps calm orange peel-ness and mattify it. This works well http://www.garnierusa.com/products/skincare/cleanplus/sensitive-skin/clarifying-cleansing-gel.aspx You could also try finding a scrub that has zinc in it. I find the Garnier scrubs to be really crappy. They all contain sodium laureth sulfate which is terrible for your skin. You could try using
  14. I use this stuff which has bisabolol in it which helps redness http://www.yestocarrots.com/product/yes-to-tomatoes-daily-repair-treatment?product_id=2311199 It also has 1% salicylic acid and witch hazel in it, I don't know if you would want to use that with accutane because it's for oily skin. Aloe also moisturizes, soothes, and helps redness. I use this http://www.jason-personalcare.com/product/aloe-gel-tube A lot of brands have lots of bad stuff in them and hardly any aloe so you have to pic