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  1. http://dermatology.about.com/cs/skincareproducts/a/bha.htm (good deed for the day)
  2. This is very interesting--sudden onslaught of serious oil. I need to stay tuned to this. I've got ridiculously oily skin and have had it as far back as I can remember since I first started getting acne, 14 years old or so. Am now 35. Have you recently starting taking fish oils or flax seed oils? A while back when I was drinking a tablespoon of flaxseed oil (which was totally disgusting IMO) I could swear it was going straight out the pores in my face. But it's always super hard to get a
  3. Here's an interesting read re is it necessary to use a moisturizer: http://paulaschoice.com.au/learn/article.a...=SKIN&ID=29 Apparently according to paula, it's not always necessary.
  4. While there are no pictures of yet, in this thread (http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=119661) Dan has stopped the regime and experienced breakouts even while being pretty strict w/ the paleo diet. The thread is pretty long now, but it's very interesting and Dan deserves kudos for going on the pretty hardcore diet eventhough he could stick w/ the regime and eat whatever he wants. Maybe you've already seen the thread, if not check it out! P.S. bp has always helped me o
  5. Checkout some of my earlier posts and others in this thread on that topic. Apparently too much fruit could be a problem in light of the high levels of sugar. When I first explored this diet I went nuts w/ fruit. I was eating per day like: 3 oranges, 2 bananas, 1-2 apples, lots of grapes, numerous strawberries, half a cantalope and half a honey dew, etc. Coupled w/ that I was eating more veggies for the first time in a long time, like carrots, celery, broccli, etc. My digestion system
  6. Dan, which side of your face are those? Was wondering if they are on the side that you just recently stopped bp (or the side that's been w/out bp for quite a while now). Inquiring minds want to know, thanks! Zits after stopping heavy bp use for so long, might be inevitable since the skin is so used to being blasted by oxygen, etc. (The same may be said for all topicals, i.e., your body gets used to them (dependent on them, etc.)?).
  7. I'm no expert on fish oil, but I've blabbled about it several times above. E.g., "The Dr. recommends 2-4 grams of EPA and 2-4 grams of DHA. That's a boatload." I don't want to cross the line and reveal too much of his book, since it's relatively cheap to purchase and doesn't seem fair. But I thought the book was somewhat unclear on this point. I'm now not sure if he means 2-4 grams of EPA and DHA combined, or 2-4 grams of EPA and 2-4 grams of DHA? In any event that is considerably more tha
  8. That's good news Dan! I know you've stopped w/ the bp on one side of your face, but was wondering what else you're putting on it. I imagine you are using your own cleanser. Are you still putting moisturing on it two times a day? While it seems like you are experimenting w/ different moisturizers do all the ones you're experimenting w/ contain some sort of AHA, like lactic acid? Thx. And w/ regard to the eggs, Dr. Cordain says eggs are fine, but just cautions that they are a "high fat fo
  9. Dan, thanks for the info re omega 3s. I'm now taking 10 Nature Made Fish oil capsuls and 3 health from the sun total EFA capsuls a day. Before and for several months I was just taking the 3 health from the sun capsuls. Even though the health from the sun has omega 6 and 9, I'm afraid I'm not getting much of those in my new diet since I don't eat any nuts, don't crave them at all, and don't use any oils (no olive oil, etc.). I'm basically all fruit, veggies, more fruit (too much?), and lean m
  10. Dan, seems like you are doing something right. That's killer. If you can go 30 days w/ no bp and no major acne, then this is truly a miracle and an inspiration to all. Keep up the good work! The Dr. says to take 2-4 grams of EPA and DHA (both types of Omega 3's [i believe]) for the first 30 days. I've been taking heath from the sun double action and noticed that it has a fairly large amount of Omega 6 as well, which according to the Dr. we already get way too much of that. (Seems like unde
  11. When I googled stevia and insulin I always get stuff like this: "Stevia has beneficial effects on glucose tolerance and is therefore helpful for diabetics. (Curi) A recent study in Denmark showed that stevia stimulates insulin secretion." (http://www.blpublications.com/html/body_aspartame.html) I think that's good for those w/ the type of diabetes that need to secrete more insulin, but for this diet it appears a major goal is to avoid excess insulin secretions. I've also read countless ti
  12. I need to read through the book more carefully, but I thought I'd throw this out there to see if you folks can provide any insight to the extent the book doesn't squarely address this point (which it didn't seem to on my first skim). Okay, let's say you are able to reduce your oil, and are able to reduce inflamation and, perhaps most importantly, are able to stop your cells from sticking together all as a result of altering your diet. It would seem like the there would still be major clog