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  1. hmm I'm gonna confirm this as a scar because it hasn't disappeared in 3 years. Anyway I actually checked the sticky above and found some good examples of different scars. I was thinking that the scar on my nose was caused by the needle I used, but now I'm starting to believe its an "acne scar" because the scar on my nose closely resembles a "hypertrophic scar" Althought I'm not sure if its a hypertrophic scar, so does anyone know?
  2. ty, I just remembered that I have an aloe vera plant in my backyard. Would it be better if i used it naturally than from a product that contains it?
  3. Hello, before I had a huge pimple in the middle of my nose and I used a needle to pop it, it helped a lil but I kept picking it and I kinda slipped and poked a lil too far. My pimple went a away but then left a bump like scar. I believe it to be a scar because the bump never disappeared after 3 years. This picture identifies the following picture to not get confused with the pimple Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3 Now these are the sites I found to heal/repair scars, can anyone tell me which would migh