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  1. to fade redmarks use Triluma (perscription) works wonders in a month redmarks are gone.
  2. yes!!! My derm ended up taking me off of it in two months because the loss was really bad. It took over a year to grow back.
  3. Well if you are looking for success stories, here is mine - I had bad cystic acne on my chin and cheeks. I am clear now with Taz almost going on a year now. And yes I also had a initial breakout.
  4. cetaphil cream (not lotion). It's moisturinsing and doesn't cause acne.
  5. I have been on TAz for almost a year now and it has had wonderful results for me. I was on Retin A which had no affect on me but Taz cleared me up nicely. I also got samples from my derm so I tried it out before spending money on it. Hope it works for you!
  6. From what I've heard, microdermabrasion is basically just a really great facial. So if you guys are looking for a cheap microderm I would suggest going to Sephora and getting a sample of Dr. Brandt's Microdermabrasion in a jar. The samples there are enough to use 3 or 4 times and the results are great. It's kind of like sand papering your skin. It makes it all smooth and you use it like once a week. If you like it then you can buy the whole jar which is $75. But that's kind of expensive for
  7. Hello- I have been on Tazorac for almost a year now and just wanted to see how others on taz are doing. Anyone relapse or is everyone still getting the same effects from the medicine. I'm all clear now but in the back of my mind I have this constant fear that it will return. I am constantly staring at my face to see the smallest little bump. I guess I'm just looking for some reassurance that the TAzorac will not stop working. Any help would be great. thanks all!
  8. I have this orange peel like scars on my right cheek. After using taz I'm totally clear now. Does anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of this orange peel look?
  9. Since you have been on doxy, ask your derm to give you tazorac. For a while take both the doxy and apply the tazorac. And slowly go off the doxy. Hopefully the slow integration will not make you break out. I did this and it has worked so far. I only take doxy every other day now and I will go off the doxy completely in about a month.
  10. What an ignorant statement. Taz does not make your pores larger. When you are on meds like that sometimes people tend to notice things they didn't notice before. Your skin does change when on Taz but it's not likely that your pores will become like craters. Taz is very helpful and I would recommend it to anyone before accutane.
  11. My skin has never looked so good (knock on wood) My derm has told me to keep using the taz for maintenance purposes. She said the ony time I would have to stop is if I become pregnant which wont be happening anytime soon. I am down to taking a 100mg doryx every other day. I use taz every night (w/ moist) and I keep it on all night. It doesn' t irritate my skin at all. I actually went to the mall a couple of times w/ absolutely no makeup on! Can you believe that?? I think the key is to kee
  12. I second the clean and clear stuff w/ 10% benzoyl peroxide the neutragena clear yellow wash and a glycolic wash either one of those would dry you out!
  13. I've been using Taz for 7 months now and I have no flaking. Here is how I dealt w/ the dry/flaking skin: wash w/ clear complexion aveeno foaming cleanser - it's really light and non drying use glycolic toner in evening (good exfoliater) daytime - I use clean and clear morning glow moisturizer w/ spf (only $6!) before bed - wash face and apply a mixture of taz and cetaphil moisturizer I also use St. Ives apricot scrub medicated version when I need it. But mostly the glycolic toner does the job.
  14. I've never had this reaction before. It'a always been just fine but this time it just messed up my skin. I've been using regular oil free moisturizer but that's not doing a thing. It's more than dryness, it's crackling off! I got ponds cold cream yesterday so we'll see how it works. It's supposed to be noncomed. we'll see.
  15. Yeah, I know it sounds harsh, but I used the jonell bleach like I always use and don't know why but had such a bad reaction to it. I wanted to use the cold cream for a day or two to bring my skin back to normal. I usually have combo skin with a very oily tzone. Well, any help would be great. thanks