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  1. I was in your place when i had the worse breakout of my life. My derm prescribed my spiro and told me if that didn't work, the only thing that would help me if accutane. I did a lot of research, i mean a lot before i even thought about accutane. It was like a life or death decision....well not that dramatic, but i really did not want to sacrifice my health. I eventually came across a video which made me change my mind to never touch accutane. Since i am prone to mental illnesses, i think i might
  2. Wooo yay, thanks for replying to my post I wash my face 2 times a day and about 10-12 hours in between washes. I think it's mainly caused my stress. I eat a relatively good diet. I cut out...or i try to cut out sugar, gluten, wheat and soy. I do not touch any diary products at all. I eat salmon once a week and an avocado once a day. I've tried to exercise, but my muscles are so tense and tight that i feel extremely uncomfortable and fatigue during and after....not to mention the day afte
  3. I was always interested in acupuncture. The only thing that kept me away were stories of how it made some cases worse. I should really consider it since it does help with anxiety! How did you feel afterwards?
  4. Hello Turn0ver, I feel better now that you replied. It's been one hell of a journey. I really think i have Acne phobia, if it doesn't have a term for it. I remember ever since i used the wrong product, everything has been going down hill until 2013. That's when my acne was at it's worse and i accepted it and eventually it went away with all the bad qualities i had in the past. It just bums me out how i put myself in the situation and i feel like i am literally going mad because i'm in control,
  5. How to stop subconsciously reminding myself about my acne and how i look? Every SECOND of my life, my brain always tell me to panic about my skin. I cant seem to get my mind off my acne, i know my acne is way better than it was a year ago, but i kind of convinced myself that it will come back. I am living in fear that my acne will return and i have been extremely stressed, depressed and the anxiety is taking over my life. I have days which i try my best to "forget" about it, but it is impossible
  6. Why does my face burn 24/7? especially my nose. The only thing i could think that could cause it is that i've been really stressed out for the past 5 months. Another thing is that my skin was very very oily about 1 month ago and suddenly its dry with thick oil on top. When i wash my face, i can feel a lot of build up and dead skin but my face is really senstive. What is going onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn?