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  1. I use it and I have some, not alot, active acne. It doesnt make me break out
  2. Thank you soooo much for telling everyone about this wonderful regimen. ive been using it for 3 days and my skin is smooth now. My skin no longer feels like a rocky road or sand paper, its actually smooth! I have seen a slight improvement in my red marks, but not a lot. But sstill an improvement in the texture of my skin is something to be greatful for. your awesome
  3. Both work for me. I hate putting Retin-a twice a day because it dries my face a lot.I prefer to use BP because it does not irritate my face. can I use one by night and one by day? HELP!
  4. Is it safe to add a alcohol-free toner to the regimen? i tried it and it does not irritate my face, it actually blances my skin tone and makes my face glow. plus it unplugs pores wich means benzoyl peroxide fight acne bacteria in the pore not on the surface of your skin...am I right? I do it after I wash my face and before I apply my 2.5 on the spot benzoyl peroxide . Is this safe? or should I quit doing it? Ive only tried it 3 times
  5. I really think hard if to go out or not because of acne. my acne is really effecting my social life. I no longer go out with my friends like I used to. I hate when people in public see me and just stare at your pimples and when they touch theyre own faces to check if its not bad as mine. Does anyone feel like this?
  6. So I started the regimen 1 week ago, I have seen a slight improvement. My pimples are reducing in size. anyways...I started getting flaky and dry skin. I have dead and dry pimples all over my cheeks. what can I do for my dry and flaky skin? what can I do for my dry and dead pimples?
  7. If you have acne prone skin, does it mean that you have sensitive skin?
  8. yeah I got those too, they took around 4 weeks to heal, but theyll go away
  9. If you have acne prone skin, does it mean that you have sensitive skin?
  10. Even though my face is used to 2.5 BP, can Proactiv still be too harsh for me? I've heard about people getting severe alergic reactions due to BP and blaming it on poactiv. I want to know if its safe to try proactiv?...Ive been using BP for 5 months now.
  11. Did the clear skin regimen change to DKR? anyways, its still the best acne treatnment I ever used....seriously it boosted my social life, but I find myself breaking out again....I think its because of the winter cold
  12. was 100% clear thanx to the CSR!yay! but as soon as the cold weather started, I began to breakout....is this normal, to breakout in the winter? how can I prevent new pimples?
  13. Is it the winter weather thats making me breakout? Im doing Dans CSR, but I find myself with pimples.