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  1. bibs what percentage of tca did you use and where did you purchase the TCA? thanks!
  2. denise, I would have agreed however recently I decided to give it another try and have found a few brands with absolutely NO licorice taste. Cant remember the brand but one comes in a green bag by the pound. I use it for baking and everything.
  3. Has anyones skin gotten sooo very dry after doing the green smoothies? My skin is flat, dehydrated, flaking and peeling and my lips are down to raw bleeding. This sometimes happens to me when I eat green veggies. anyone else? Any idea why?
  4. Yes, and my acne was more on the mild side, even though it was leaving behind scars, and, my diet was already pretty healthy. I wish people understood more about the connection you stated above. I wish I didn't have to be so dependant on the green smoothies to stay clear - I'm thinking of doing a liver cleanse soon, myself. Dr. Joel Fuhrman though seems to believe that diet alone can create big changes and that leafy greens do wonders for acne, so I do think the green smoothies have the possib
  5. Hey denise, I know that liver flushing cleared your acne, but did it also clear up other health issues? Did you have any absorption problems or stool problems? Also I have very dry skin will this work for dry skin?
  6. how does it help your digestion, what improvements have you noticed? thanks I remember a time when I had to pay a lot of attention to "food digestion rules", which is stuff like don't eat fruits with anything else, don't mix starch and protein, etc. Basically, pain in the ass rules that don't apply to much of anyone except those with horrible digestion. If I digresed, I'd have bloating, gas or indigestion. Since starting Triphala, things markedly improved from the first day on. Not only hav
  7. I'm interested to know your source on the statement that long term supplementation of omega 6 can cause cancer. And it would largely depend on which type of omega 6 as well. There are three types of omega 6 and EPA isnt one of them- that is an omega 3. AA is proinflammatory. GLA is anti-inflammatory. LA (Linoleic Acid, the third type omega 6 and most prevalent) can transform into either GLA and AA depending on certain factors. Evening Primrose Oil consists of LA and GLA and no AA. As it co
  8. what did your skin look like with a fungus infection? Did it leave and type of scars? Also how long did you take the diflucan? do you think topical diflucan can work too? (did ever you try it?)
  9. I just do the normal amount of greens for a smoothie - I admire Grounded for doing so much more! I large handful is just right for 4 cups (1 quart). You can read more at www.rawfamily.com, or get the book "Green for Life." I think everyone can achieve results by just doing the recommended amount, but more certainly wouldn't hurt anything. I do notice that my mood seems more cheerful when I'm going smoothies (which is most of the time!!) - I definitely think I've benefitted in that area t
  10. thank you so much for your info on sprinting! I would have never thought of this-hate to exercise but getting it done with sounds great. Any documentation that sprints are equivilant to running?
  11. how does it help your digestion, what improvements have you noticed? thanks
  12. Alright, thanks! I'll give your smoothie recipe a try then, and I'll see how it goes. Oh, and I'd also like to know if you had any scars that improved too. bump
  13. Twice It depends too on what you're using to blend your smoothies with. I use a big vita mix, and I make up about 64 oz (about 8 cups) at a time, so I just make my smoothies once every other day. I'll drink 4 cups one day, put the other 4 cups in the fridge, and drink them the next day. The other four cups may not be as fresh, but it works for me. To make 8 cups, I use 2 pieces of fruit (apples, pears, bananas, etc., 2 large handfuls of greens, 4 cups of water, and about 1 cups of froze
  14. It's mainly for inflamed bumps. I was getting bumps that were leaving behind scars, and now I longer get those. I do occasionally break out, but when I do, the bumps are small and usually go away fast. :) what kind of scars did you get- just curious..
  15. how many times do you need to make the recipe to get 32 oz/day? thanks