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  1. Ok..I have spent so much buying make-up, experimenting on what works best for my face but no matter what I do I just can't find a make-up brand that works well in covering redness and is affordable. I tried everyday mineral make-up for approximately 3 weeks already, the first week I loved it because It was great at covering redness and making you look well rested, but then after three weeks it started making me look oily, greasy, and the lightest color seems to be too light for my face but then
  2. I have been using the fair foundation orginal glo for about a week now but somehow the way it looks on my skin changes, as times passes by it begins to give me that dirty, dark, oily look...especially after running.
  3. I am loving the everday mineral samples, it also covers redness on my face and it does not cause me to breakout...yehay..Finally found my make-up...I think I am going to order it when I run out of the sample.
  4. Well, I never used CSR products but I have used Proactive before but stopped because I find that it causes more pimples especially in the area that use to have no pimples at all, thruthfully, I have read many threads about people who stopped using proactiv because 1)it is too expensive 2)it will work and then eventually stop working 3) it will heal pimples but leave alot of redness on the face.
  5. Well, I had an inflamed pimple last month and my mother in law spot treated it with aspirin pain reliever cream and the next day I was surprised it had already calmed down.
  6. do you recall ordering the concealer? Well, I have the order paper I printed and it has the concealer..Do you think I will still be able to get another sample kit?...I don't really want to waste money trying something that I might end up not using...
  7. Does anyone know if the free sample comes with a concealer, I just received my everyday mineral sample but I am missing the concealer, I really want to try the concealer to cover the redness in my face, I don't know if I can still ask for a free sample that is complete...
  8. Yesterday, as I was surfing in the internet for fish oil I found this helpful site which calculates glycemic index and glycemic loads...It is called the better choice diet..I am trying it at the moment.... http://www.nutritiondata.com/better-choices-diet.html
  9. I need help in finding the best fish oil supplement. I do not know what brand of fish oil supplement must I go for (that can be bought in local stores like walgreens, walmart, rite aid, etc.) since I found out that it helps with losing weight as well as with acne...Please help...Merci Beacoup...
  10. Yeah, we're all different but the basics of eating healthy and excercising apply to all. Some better than others. It's good to hear that you're adding healthy things to your diet. One thing you may want to do is take some fish oil supplements. Yes that may sound bad, taking fat pills. But the health benefits of DHA, an omega 3 fat found in fish oil, are many. Such as improved brain and cardio function. It also can help reduce body fat levels, especially in the abdominal region. If you
  11. Oh guys, know what I just found out, I know it may seem rather not so surprising for other people who knows this but I found out that there are three body types. A diet that might work for a certain body type will not work for others. So now I am on a diet of less calories and carbs and eating every three hours, dividing the calories, and excercising... more vegetables and fruits as well as water in my diet..hopefully it will also help with acne..by the way, thanks to all your advices.
  12. well, you can try indian bread or using gram flour which is not to be mistaken for graham flour, I believe it is gluten free.
  13. Has anyone ever used Acuzine. It claims that it will make acne go away within 2 weeks, I find it too unbelievable so I just want to ask if anyone has used it and has had good results with it?
  14. Are these mineral make-ups good for pimple normal to dry skin?