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  1. Anyone had any luck with the various candida diets floating around the internet? low fat high sugar and high fat low carb seem to be the big players. both of which have failed me miserably - I tried 80-10-10 and also the ketogenic diet... any advice is appreciated lewis
  2. Let me know how the DAOSIN works for you, but be cautious if you have issues with pork. Personally I have a leaky gut or some kind of gut issue - which i'm yet to determine - so I produce a lot more histamine than a normal person, rather than my DAO enzyme being underactive (not that I've had it checked, although tests are unpredictable and next to worthless apparently). I guess all these supplements are just masking the symptoms thinking about it, as the effects are almost never permanent,
  3. Don't normally comment on these forums but I have been doing a lot of research on this topic myself in the last few weeks so thought I would contribute. advice I can give in terms of improving the DAO enzyme (the enzyme responsible for breaking down histamine) would be to take a b6 supplement, zinc, vitamin C (I personally don't as I am allergic to vitamin c in high quantity's) copper and turmeric which has a direct impact on inflammation and so masks the damage caused by histamine - helps t
  4. turmeric mask worked great for me so far mate... look into that
  5. after reading all this I am strongly considering trying smoking to get rid of acne (although I have been considering smoking anyway due to peer pressure), can anyone honestly say weather or not it has helped there acne? it makes sense when you think about it, suppresses immune system and hormones, extremely anti inflammatory, and takes any color out of your face... I am yet to see a smoker with noticeable acne. lewis
  6. Ok so I have noticed after doing high intensity workouts my hyperpigmentation subsides greatly, this is due to an increase in circulation and blood being taken away from your face. and the effects last hours after the workout btw. My question is - as we all know smokers have very pale, dead skin, this is due to the fact they have very bad blood circulation. bear with me.... So if one was to begin smoking to achieve this lifeless smokers face, they would have very little blood getting to there
  7. has anyone noticed while using this lotion there skin is healing much faster? I have always had dry skin but since using this my skin is very hydrated and marks seem to be healing like when I was a kid... this lotion contains special moisturising properties apperantly, but I have had these marks for about 9 months so it could be a complete coincidence although I have always suspected my dry skin was why my marks took so long to heal. I was previously using cetaphil cream which is very thic
  8. That's Unlucky, I cant really relate to getting body acne but it must be frustrating... Last comment im going to make on this unless nessacary but I have discovered intensive exercise also helps reduce insulin resistance which could be a big factor in reducing overall chronic inflammation which will allow your skin to actually heal and take redness out of marks perhaps. all depends on what type of acne you have I guess. As personally when I eat sugar I can guarantee I will get at very least
  9. all I can do is tell you about my experience, I now do 10 minutes INTESNSIVE (and it must be intensive in my opinion to get your blood really pumping) exercise a day and my skin hasn't looked this good in about a year. I have done a fair amount of research and the top 3 reasons I think exercise effects my skin this way is - reduction in overall inflammation blood circulation - (purifying blood, helping delivering nutrients to skin and organs working better in general perhaps) sweat - as whe
  10. just want to let every one know I am seeing massive improvements every day now, touch wood. every aspect of my skin looks better, I did not know circulation and general exercise was so important for skin - for me anyway. I could kick myself for avoiding exercise for the last 6 months, what a waste. I urge everyone to try doing intesnisve exercise for a week and see if you notice an improvement.
  11. ok all that makes sense but the thing I don't get is the effects will last the whole rest of the day and like I said even the next day I have noticed a massive reduction in overall redness... the only explanation I can think of is that it creates a massive anti - inflammatory effect for me. but even that theory has flaws. who knows thanks for your reply anyway
  12. once again after exercise today my red marks and general redness of acne practically vanished. my mom and sister even commented on this asking if i had changed products recently etc... I know this seems very unlikely and i don't understand it myself as scientifically speaking the marks SHOULD look redder if more blood is being circulated... maybe i am wrong in this assumption. I will consider uploading before and after an exercise photos to prove what I am saying is true.
  13. Ok I really don't feel like typing a lot but I am very exited and need to type this right now. long story short I have had red acne marks for the last 5-6 months now which have been healing over time but never completely for instance after a shower they will look very red for about 15 minutes. ANYWAY I have avoided exercise like the plague for the last 5-6 months doing litteraly as little as possible (accept walking to school) as I thought this would only create more acne or even pro-long my m
  14. thanks for your reply, like I said from the very first week of application one side has been doing great and one side...not so great. it really is frustrating and I don't understand it myself, I change my pillow case every 2 days so I really don't think that's a factor. ~side note; even when I apply it I can really feel a difference in the texture of my skin from one side to the other with the irritated side being dry and flaky and the other being moist and smooth... :S
  15. I have been using finacea for 3-4 months and long story short it has broken out one side of my face from the very start (which I assumed was just purging) whilst my other side is now clear. very frustrating. I am not sure weather to keep using finacea on the side which is reacting badly or cut my loses now and start using BP on the side which has spots and continue using finacea on the side which reacts well... along with sasylic acid on my chin -.- my face will be a chemical warzone for sure.