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  1. I never used BP on my back, I was always worried about it ruining my clothes and its pretty expensive stuff too.
  2. Hey guys Its been a year or so since I posted (and amazingly 6 years since my original post), as I've mentioned before the Vinegar and Tea-Tree oil pretty much cured my bacne, these days I probably only use it once every couple of months. Its pretty humbling to think that I've helped so many people. As I said before, give it a try, it only cost a couple of dollars and you've got nothing to lose other than your spots. The reason I come on here every now and again is that I'm still angry at the
  3. Hey guys Just thought I'd pop in to have a look around - its been a very long time since I was last here and its humbling to see that a bunch of people have been helped by my original post. I feel a bit guilty that I haven't been around to answer all the questions but it seems like there's been lots of great folks on the board to help out those new to the technique. Its hard to believe that its been 5 years since I posted about the vinegar and tea-tree oil bacne treatment and I'm happy to say
  4. did the vinegar get rid of your scars?

  5. Hello Mikka! I hope you know that you have blessed so many people including me with your cure to bacne.

    God bless you!!

  6. I concur with everthing Tammy said above - I had acne for 20 years - stubborn isnt the word for my kind of acne and I tried everything - the Regimen worked for me in a way that countless trips to over educated Dermatologists failed to - stick with it and it will work. I've gone from having 5-10 large red spots on my face to none and its been 3 years, I still get blackheads and the occasional small pimple in a spot that due to my now relaxed attitude to BP application gets missed but its a thousa
  7. Any vinegar should work - I use rice wine vinegar only because it was the first type of vinegar I found at the supermarket and it worked, All the best M.
  8. 1. Name product and "Brand" Vinegar - rice wine vinegar for me but I only used that type as I couldn't find the other one in the supermarket and I was in a hurry. 2. Did you have breakouts at first? Stopped my bacne in its tracks 3. How long did it take for you to see positive results? New spots stopped appearing almost immediately, the hyperpigmentation was pretty much gone in 6 weeks - I also used a bit of tea-tree oil which I think helped to remove the hyperpigmentation by allowing me t
  9. I'm backing up Vikster on this one - vinegar rocks - its the only thing that cleared my bacne, and it stopped new spots appearing almost immediately for me (bearing in mind I had bad acne on my back on and off for 20 years). Try it - I use it before I shower so the smell doesn't effect me or those around me. Personally I rub it in until on my back until I can feel it exfoliating the skin but I have mediterranean skin which is very oily and tough so that might not work for you. All the b
  10. I had similar types of red marks on my back (I have olive skin thanks to my Italian and Spanish ancestors). I used vinegar applied to the back before showering in an exfoliating regime to get rid of them - I estimate they were mostly gone within 6-8 weeks. My back is now spot and mark free and has been for 18months. Its an inexpensive alternative to peels etc. Check out my other thread on Vinegar if you're interested. All the best - and have to agree with the other poster that it doesn't look
  11. Nope but I had really bad red marks (my girlfriend used to call them scars) and used vinegar and tea-tree oil (check out the vinegar post for more info) and they cleared up in a few weeks. I'm sure gylcolic would work too but if you're looking for a cheaper alternative I dont reckon you can go past good old vinegar. All the best M.
  12. I'll try to answer some of the questions in one go. I showered once a day - used the vinegar before I got in the shower. You dont have to use Rice Wine Vinegar - I believe any vinegar would work. My back is generally pretty oily so maybe that's why I dont need to use too much but I find that I just splash a bit on my hands and then rub it into the skin until I feel the top layer of skin coming off then I splash smoe more on and apply it again and leave it for a while before I shower it
  13. Hi guys I just thought I'd check in a offer some positive encouragement for all those on the regimen. I started the regimen 18 months ago after spending probably almost 20years looking for a cure from my facial acne (I'm 32 now), I tried it all, Roaccutane (the Australian name for Accutane), antibiotics, expensive derm-prescribed topicals, changed diets, changed soaps, exfoliation etc, you name it I tried it - and nothing worked and I had begun to lose hope of ever having clear skin - and then
  14. It would depend on your skin type, I personally dont use it on my face but then again the regimen cleared up my acne, I only get spots now when I get too lazy to keep up the daily BP application. There was no exact routine with the vinegar - at the beginning I combined it with Tea Tree Oil ( a natural antiseptic) and rubbed it in quite hard to create an exfoliating effect (bear in mind that I have naturally oily tough skin). I applied it before showering so that I wouldn't smell afterwards. I
  15. Ladies and gents Just thought I'd pop back in to provide some of my experience with bacne, I'm now bacne free after a long struggle, and the secret to getting rid of it was vinegar, undiluted on the back before I took a shower, rub it in to exfoliate the skin on my back. This worked for me, I went from having 8-12 large nasty spots that would take weeks to go, by which time there'd be new ones - to zero spots on my back, it also had the effect of removing the pigmentation left by the old spots