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  1. had super thick hair b4 tane, now it's a mess totally regret it.
  2. Yep Also depression of having problem hair is worst then having acne.
  3. tane cleared my skin but caused havoc with my hair, had the thickest best hair ever b4 tane, I totally regret it. But had to take the risk, because nothing else was working.
  4. Or u can sleep then sleep walk to the computer and delete some stuff, while sleeping of course. That way u can save time and sleep. it's a win win!!!

    1. lol r their like a thousand people pm'ing u a day. Your inbox is full. U gotta eventually stop selling skittles online, eventually people will know that u can by them at variety stores:P

      1. has my feet been deleted yet :P

        1. my naturpathic doctor seems to be going back and forth like my derm. Also blaming it on genetics but i'm like urhh i never had a hair problem before accutane. Anyways the bulb of my hair is week if I could just find something that will keep it strong. All these vitamins i'm taking and massages are fustrating. My naturpath now wants me to shave my head to apply this cream. urhhh has anyone regrown hair with emu oil? man i could of bought a new car with all this money i'm spending. I also
        2. went to see a naturpath he gave some kind of oils, to put on my hair at night, a natural soap to wash it out in the morning then i got to use coconut oil or mustard oil. in the day and wash it out at night. So I got to wash my hair twice a day. It's shedding a lot more, but he said that's the weak hair coming out it will grow back. urhh Risky! I have awesome wavy hair hate to lose it. Anyways here's my theory on why accutane sheds your hair. Don't shoot me on it. Accutane is a drug that
        3. Guys i really don't see why so many of you have issues with steroids. I think the word alone seems to put people off. Steroids on the scalp is not going to damage the skin unless you are having them injected or putting them under occlusion. Improvements are seen within days and continue for months. I'm trying to find something natural and my derm wanted me to try prepecia awhile back instead of the roids but not going to.
        4. even though I got bigger problems in life this is still annoying, has anyone found anything that works besides meds like prepecia, minox, or steroids shedding not stopping urhh,gonna try the aloe
        5. thanks will eventually give this a try I was talking to someone about steroids for the scalp and they said they can thin out the scalp which can be permanent. Man theirs not much options. urrhh tane.
        6. do you think the laser has helped you a lot? man i had the thickest hair before tane, urhhh my hair is shedding like crazy and i'm freaking out now it's noticeably thin nothing seems to be working and i don't wanna go on propecia
        7. I bought an expensive shampoo from the hairdresser, nioxin crossing my fingers