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  1. Hi! So my daughter has had acne since 6th grade, when she first started getting it she went on Proactive and it didn't do anything. So then we went to her dermatologist and they prescribed Epiduo and she was on it for almost 2 years, and there were maybe 5 periods (periods=weeks) where her skin had calmed down. Then she stopped using everything completely and her skin got so bad! The end of her 8th grade year she was prescribed Minocycline and it did not work, but she developed Even WORSE cysts
  2. So I've been using the regimen for a week now and I have severe, cystic acne with hyperpigmentation. I'm 15 years old and have only had it this bad for about a year...will this stuff work? I'm not expecting over-night results but in 2-3 months? I'm starting a new school in September and I'm really nervous about how people will think of my skin. I wear makeup but it just looks bumpy and you can still see my acne. Has anyone else had this bad of acne and it worked? Also, any advice for the dryness