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  1. I smoke...and I am trying to quit because I am going into the army after I graduate high school. I smoke almost a pack of day and it sucks.. at first it was good for social reasons... and anyone who drinks and smokes knows that having a ciggerette when your drinking beer feels so good...also if you smoke weed after smoking a bowl it feels so good too.....anybody who smokes cigs and weed knows that haha... it's really hard to quit though... if you are trying to quit there is a new pill tha
  2. Nahh this is a swollen gland...it's creepin me out...
  3. has anyone ever had the side of thier neck have a little sore swelled up spot on it after taking accutane for a while???...I think i may have accidentely taken 90 mg one day instead of 60..not on purpose though...but then this swelled up spot on the right side of my neck showed up...it's just a sore lump.
  4. hmmm well my derm didn't weigh me..so i don't think he is going by weight. also the walls of my nose are getting super dry and my nose starts to bleed when i blow my nose....does anyone else get that as well?
  5. i just started on accutane about 10 days ago. and i have a few questions from accutane users that have been on it for a while now. my doctor started me out on 1 20mg pill a day. (he said that he wants to start slow and raise the dosage depending on the progress he sees when i come back in for my visits.) my question is...is that what your guys derms said to you...or do they put u on a certain dosage for your whole coarse of accutane...what dosage did they start you at..or did they start you at
  6. ZeroSkater

    Random ass pics

    random pics of me and my friends...
  7. im 16...i got 16 hours left of community service for underage drinking....blew a .19.....yea...haha or i have to pay a huge fine
  8. having a good looking girlfriend is the best thing in life having sex with them is even better!
  9. yeah, but the lack of concentration, short term memory loss, munchies makes it not as good. plus i smoke cigs between classes on campus, i can't just whip out a bong and get baked while waking to a class lol. ahaha thats funny....the bong thing....yea im 16 and i cant go a day without a cig....like seriously...it kills me....the next day im all shakin and shit and yelling at anyone who talks to me cause im aggrevated and mad cause i havent had a cig
  10. not all people wit acne have scars after.....if u pic all the time then yes...but if u leave it alone and don't pick at all..ever and just clear it up with BP or whatever u do...i dont see a reason there would be scars.if ure not picking at it..only red spots...which fade completely in time..i know my red spots from cysts...fade in about 2 weeks... im j/w but how would u get a scar if u don't pick/agitate the acne?
  11. i wanna post some pics in the "members Gallery" but idk how??? how do i do it?
  12. not to be an asshole.......like u know...u say u don't care about looks...but face it...alot of good enough to be a model looking chicks out there....care about looks..and dont want a guy with alot of acne/scarring...and i dont know about you...but i love fucking good looking chicks....not ugly ones....i respect your decision though...but im pretty much garunteed later on your going to care about your looks and think back to when u could have done something about it.......i hope the monocycline
  13. i used doxycycline with benza-clin for my back and its 95% clear now
  14. im jus wondering but...id be a little worried to do that....thinking the chemicals of the asperin are seeping into my skin and absorbing into my blood stream or soemthing...cause 5 aspirin at once is a high dose lol