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  1. Hey Tanya,
    I read you took accutane in 2016. Hows your skin is doing now?


    1. Wow, it's been a while since I visited this blog! I get messages from people every now and again wondering how I'm doing so I thought I'd give a quick update. When I started this blog, I decided to put off trying to start a family to get my skin under control. Well, it turned out that my trying to conceive journey would be even more difficult then my accutane journey, but I did eventually have a child - yay! My daughter's 2.5 years old now and I'm so thrilled to be a mother. I'm also reall
    2. I have a very similar situation and was just wondering how things ended up after all these years. Looking for some hope out there....

      1. Well, it's been quite awhile since I posted but thought I'd give a quick update. So, I've now been off accutane for just over 1 year - hard to believe it's been that long! I'm happy to report that my skin is still doing really good. I get the odd small pimple on my face but they go away quickly. That's not to say that I don't still panic the odd time about my skin getting bad again but for the most part, I don't worry about it anymore. Before I decided to go on accutane, I was starting to w
      2. Hey Heather! Glad to hear you're doing so good! I'm like you - I get the odd tiny pimple that goes away really quickly (after a few months post-tane, I finally realized that one pimple doesn't mean I'll relapse to pre-tane days ). Take care! Tanya
      3. Hi Roxy! Good luck with your derm appoinment. Sounds like your scarring is pretty minimal so I'm sure there's some treatment that will work great. If I look really, really closely, I can see the area on my chin where I had the IB but I think that will eventually fade away to nothing. I was a little bit worried about my back but since going on my hot holiday and getting a tan, all of the marks have completely gone away. Overall, I'm happier with my skin now then when I was on the pill (the
      4. Hey Stranger! So good to hear from you - I've been wondering how you were doing. So, your skin's been behaving itself, that's great! How 'bout all of your side effects, did they go away pretty quickly? Must say that I'm pretty happy this tane journey is a distant memory - definitely wasn't the funnest 4 months. :rolleyes: However, the ttc journey continues on but that's another story which I'm sure will have a positive outcome soon enough... :) Hope everything's good with you. Be sure
      5. I just want to say that your skin in these pictures looks absolutely heavenly.

        1. Hi Ginny! Thanks for stopping by my log - I'm glad you enjoyed reading it. I know that writing it (and getting support from great people on this site) was so helpful during my 'tane journey. So, you're in that horrible waiting stage - I hated that part of the tane journey. I rememeber wanting to start it so badly but at the same time was terrified to actually start! Good luck to you! Soon enough you'll be loving your clear skin! Tanya
        2. About 6 Months Post-Accutane Wow, can hardly believe it's been just over six months since I stopped accutane! Even harder to believe that this time last year, my skin was horrible...absolutely horrible. But, I'm happy to report that I'm still enjoying clear, oil-free skin I get the odd tiny pimple on my face or chest but don't really worry about it anymore. Oh, and I went to Cuba recently and didn't worry once about my skin - so nice! Last year, I wouldn't have even considered going on a
        3. While everyone's experience with accutane is different, I found that all of the side effects went away after about 2 weeks of being off it (including dry eyes). For myself, eye problems were the worst side effect of being on tane and during my 4 month course, I had to mainly wear glasses for the last month. I'm back to wearing contacts full-time and don't have any problems with them.
        4. Hi Kimberly! Just wanted to stop by and wish you luck with your tane journey. It can be quite the rollercoaster ride sometimes but I'm sure you'll find that it's worth it in the end! For the vitamin E - I took one/day (not sure how many mg it was). I'm not sure if it'll make any difference if you start taking it now, but it won't hurt either. Might also want to take Omega 3 - this can help with joint pain. If you get really chapped lips, you might want to try Dr. Dan's cortibalm (can order
        5. Hey Sara! Well, against the advice of my derm (what does he know anyway? ), I spot treated at night with BP (2.5%) throughout my course on tane. Besides the fact that I probably would have had withdrawal symptoms if I quit topicals cold turkey, I'm pretty sure it helped get rid of the newbies a bit quicker. So, to answer the question: to spot treat or not to spot treat? I think it depends on how sensitive and dry your skin becomes. If your skin doesn't become super sensitive, then I think y
        6. Thanks for the advice onyxraven and lionqueen! I just got the prescription filled but I think for now I'll stick to gc on my face and differin on my chest to help with the couple annoying pimples I get there. And I was thinking it was time to move up to level 6 - just didn't want to shell out the money since I haven't finished the level 3 yet. Sure wish this stuff was cheaper but then again, keeping my skin clear is worth every penny! Not sure what BHAs are - could you fill me in? Thanks!
        7. About 3.5 months post-tane Quick update: Had a follow-up appointment with my derm yesterday. Other than having to wait forever to see him, it went well. He prescribed differin for maintenance (I didn't tell him I was using Green Cream). I'm hoping the differin will help stop the odd little pimple I'm getting on my chest (plus it should help with some of the sun damage I've inflected on myself!). However, I am a little worried about using it on my face. Even though my skin is clear, I'm wo