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  1. It's been a million years since I've posted. I'm almost 46 now, but still need a little help to keep clear. But I'm still using the regimen, more or less: 1 finger BP once a day at night, sometimes with moisturizer, and sometimes not. A couple of years ago, I tried to wean off entirely, but broke out after a couple of weeks. Still loving and relying on the regimen.
  2. Well, I'm 38 and still on the Regimen. Although, I don't have to be nearly as religious about it to keep pretty much clear. I'll still get a spot or two every few weeks, but I could go months at a time without one nowadays. Hope y'all are doing well. Cam >B)
  3. Things are still going well. Had some minor, non-inflammatory spots in the past few weeks, but nothing major. Pleased overall with my skin's steadiness. Cam >B)
  4. Got a medium-sized spot on my right jawline. It's going to take a few days to calm down, and it's not the kind that comes to a head. Other than that, things are going well, skin-wise. Cam >B)
  5. One spot on my forehead surfaced yesterday. It was pretty minor, and should be gone--except some pinkness--tomorrow. Cam >B)
  6. Skin has responded really well, it seems. No new spots. Cam >B)
  7. Oh brother. I've been doing the Regimen religiously. It seems as though there's something missing because I'm still getting small break-outs, especially around my nose--not a typical break-out area for me. To be fair, I have been pretty lax with my vitamin regimen, though. So for the past little while, I've been adhering to it, and the results are pretty dramatic. The spots around my nose have cleared up, and the spots clear more quickly. In the past, I've had great results with a plain vitami
  8. Still totally clear. I've even been trimming my beard every few days--something that would typically irritate and cause a spot or two--without incident. I'm feeling bold. Maybe I'll even shave down to smooth. I haven't done that in quite a while. My fella likes facial hair, though, so I'll probably leave some around. Cam >B)
  9. The switch to the old Regimen has helped a lot. I think using a bar soap is out for me. My skin is less dry, and I'm not getting the persistent irritation spots. Two days totally clear. Cam >B)
  10. I've been getting tiny spots on my nose for a while now. This is not normally a break-out area for me, but it tends to break out when I'm doing something irritating. Could it be the Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar? Maybe the SPF in the NHSFL? Here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to switch one thing out--the cleanser--order some of Dan's cleanser and see how that does for a while. If that doesn't do the trick, I'll use up the rest of my NHSFL and get the trusty original formula of the Olay when
  11. The scabrous mess under my nose is much less scabrous and messy. With the twice-daily exfoliation with NHSFL, it might even be presentable by tomorrow. At least it's no longer embarrassingly obvious. I'm also using a tonne of BP recently, about three fingers worth. My skin doesn't get any drier from it, and it seems to keep my skin clearer. And with summer approaching, I'm no longer going to be able to wear a white undershirt to protect my clothes without overheating. I've gotten a bunch of li
  12. So the current regimen has been working really well for me. But I got a cold a week or so ago. And with a cold, I got a runny nose, which I remedied with some good old-fashioned kleenex. Of course, the irritation from rubbing my nose gave me four nasty, ugly spots: two on my nose, and two under it. All four of the spots started out small and developed slowly. I have only one scabrous mess left under my nose, and I can't wait for it to vanish. Ech. Cam >B)
  13. I've been using the new Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion SPF 15 for Sensitive Skin for a couple of months now, and I can officially say, "IT SUCKS!" It's made me break out in areas that I don't break out ever, like around my eyes and on my chin. What a pain. I loved the old formulation, but this new formulation with avobenzone gets a big thumbs-down. I've looked through my log to find the products that I was using that kept me the most consistently clear, and they appear to be: Dan's clean
    Keeps skin moist. Has SPF. New formulation with avobenzone breaks me out, even in areas where I do not typically break out, like my chin and around my eyes. The old formulation was magic; avoid the new formulation with avobenzone. Do not buy.