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    skins cleared.....redmarks and few scars left to deal with
  1. haaa lazer treatments for facial hair .....man....as a guy i dont see the point of of that at all.....
  2. ya...my father was brutal...he mostly verbally abused his kids but went all out on our mother...so our mother left one day only she didnt take her kids with her.... some people shouldnt have kids or anything but their own self destructive selfish piece of shit selves....eh but maybe im bias... far as your parents go....if talking to them will work then talk to them about it...but if youre in the boat where talking to them isnt an option....you gota build some thick skin and then learn to take it
  3. ya i get what youre sayin.....dark skin...light skin...its all good....all women look good regardless of skin color....sun fried skin though...its just not attractive...
  4. some girls naturally produce melanin. we don't all look old. tan girls are hot. you get the difference between naturally darker skin and sun tanned skin? not the same thing...talking about frying your skin in the sun to get tanned...nobody is comparing genetics...
  5. pale skin looks way better than old looking tanned skin ....pale girls are hot. ...
  6. werent you the girl with trying out the diet thing? now you're on accutane? big jump there....
  7. you wink at the "hoes" and its on eh.....they adjust their bras too....damn....those are some skills your post amused me ...."stop being such a stupid fucker"
  8. If"ur" bothers you you should probably stop using "cuz" ... funny stuff. For the person who posted...if you get your hair out of your eyes and hit the gym you'll be fine. Take up boxing. If you're in Canada I'll let you know which spots are good.
  9. nah fish allergy doesn't mean you're allergic to iodine
  10. alright....with my new diet my skin's oil is down too ....not even an issue anymore.......eh though if youre improving on it that way its good you never went on Accutane....think im gona go get the allergy test done...cause im clear right now...but just had some olives and my skins itching...wondering it it will fuck up my skin....would be good to know
  11. awesome....you got that done through your doctor? whyd you get an ultra sound?
  12. My oldest brother is a Marine. He's sent out to fight for a fucking lie ... as a kid enrolling he didnt know there would be a running greed kill for oil agenda. You know how things are now...or least you should know....why the hell would you even want to be part of that ?