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  1. Hey everyone. Sorry i haven't been posting much, but nothing much to report. My cheeks are clear, just a lot of hyper pigmentation. Basically, if you ran your hand down my cheek and you were blind, you would think i had good skin. My cheeks are smooth and clear of pimples, but there is a lot of hyper pigmentation. probably about 20 little red circles on my right and about 8 on my left. My chin looks really good, almost clear of hyper pigmentation and clear of acne in general. more peeling came b
  2. So in 2 days ill be one month into the regimen. Ive upped the BP to go a little past my second finger line, and full finger on Friday. Ill be taking another break on friday. Every week, once a week, I'm gonna give my face a 24 hour break from BP. My dryness has lessened but is still there, and the peeling is gone. I'm using jojoboa oil but i haven't really been feeling any less dry. my left side looks good and my right keeps looking better everyday. I'm going to school in less then 2 weeks, so h
  3. so today is the start of my third week on the regimen, and i decided not to use BP. my skin was just flaky and peeling really bad and i read somewhere that it would help if you just gave your skin a 24 hour break from the BP. So I'll start with BP down to my second finger line and go from there. I have 2 new pimples on my forehead and a couple on my cheeks and one on my chin. other then that pretty good.
  4. Hey Jen, I'm almost 3 weeks into the regimen, and the peeling is really bad for me! Does it go away, and any tips on how to remove the dead patches? I just have the acne.org moisturizer. I've tried take it off with a damp towel, but it barely does anything.
  5. Sorry about not posting yesterday, but nothing different from yesterday that's happening today. Tomorrow will be my 3rd week on the Regimen, and this week has gone by way faster than the previous. I should have BP stretching my full finger, but I'm not ready yet. My face is barely getting used to the amount of BP im applying now. I am peeling so bad on my cheeks and chin. You know when you get sunburned at after like 3 days you start to peel and there are like dead, dirty skin peels all over yo
  6. so the only thing i wanna talk about is dryness. my face is a lot better than yesterday, but i did apply a little bit more moisturizer throughout the day. i wanna get jojoba oil, but i don't have the money for it right now and might just get it when i buy my next kit. so yeah when i frown you can feel how dry my forehead and the lower part of my cheeks and jawline are super flaky and dry. the pimples on my left cheek are growing, but other then that no signs or improvement that was different fro
  7. woke up this morning, did the regimen and my face has been dry all day! I've noticed most of the dryness has been towards the lower part of my skin. i think it's because I've been only using 1 1/2 pump of moisturizer. i stopped using 2 because i had leftover lotion because not all of it went into my skin. when i use 1.5 pumps i have little leftover but my face is dry. I'm going to try and use 1.75 of a pump, if thats possible. if not I'll just go back to using 2 pumps. i think a pimple is formi
  8. yeah! like in my earlier post my skin was super oily after the first night. i only used BP at 5% cream from clean and clear and i would use very little and only apply maybe twice a week, and i only did that for like a month at the most. the gel is actually really nice and way better and less drying then the cream (: Okay everyone I'm sorry i haven't posted since Friday. I've been on vacation and where i was at the wifi was horrible and i didn't want to waste my phones data. anyways, the chlorin
  9. Ah! okay so today im on vacation and i was in the pool all day which completely dried my face. when i did the regimen today, my skin for the first time was irritated after mosutizer. just super dry and pretty flaky. i feel a pimple coming on between my brows and something weird happened today. i had a small pimple like where my sideburns are, and after the pool it just grew to full size and turned into a 2 pimples. tommorow if I'm in the pool I'll try to keep my face outta the water. my face mig
  10. okay so it's the start of my 2nd weeks on the Regimen. This morning i applied BP until it reached half over my first finger line. i was going to go all the way to my second line but i decided that since my face was drying, I'd just wait. By Tuesday or Wednesday I'll try and go to the second finger line, depends if my skin is still dry. right now after applying the moisturizer, it's still dry. i used to to only do one pump at a time, but now i have to use the full 2 pumps at the same time becaus
  11. Okay so this is the end of my first week. Im going to do a weeks impression of The Regimen, and then everything else I experienced today in the next post. So at $45, I got a 16 oz. cleanser, and 8 oz. treatment and moisturizer. This is all supposed to last you a month, with the cleanser maybe lasting a little longer. The cleanser is amazing. Its soapy once you lather it up, and my face does feel cleaner after washing it off. The BP has (i believe) cleared up my face a little. In a bright ro
  12. Ah, my 7th day on the Regimen. Tommorow im upping my BP so that it reaches for 2nd index finger line. I'll be doing this twice a day, and I'm honestly kinda nervous. Lately, my face has been really dry, but only after I hop outta the shower. Because after you cleanse your face, you have to wait like 15 mins, and during that time my face feels like a rock lol. Even now, after I did the 2 pumps of moisturizer, my face still feels kinda dry. The only irritation I have experienced throughout my 7 da
  13. So this is my 6th day on the Regimen. to be honest, this week is going by kinda slow, probably bc I'm just anxious for results. i had to new pimples on my right cheek (my bad side), which i popped. one of them is just a scab now and the other returned this morning. i popped the pimple on my forehead and that's going away, but i think another one is forming. besides that, both of my cheeks are looking good. I'll post a picture of my face at the end of the month. my nose is way less oily. I am exp
  14. So I've been on the Regimen for 5 days and I think my pillow cases are bleaching (they're blue and turning yellowish). Is the BP rubbing off my face and into the pillow case or is this normal? I don't care about the bleaching, but if its rubbing off my face (therefore not affecting my skin), how can i avoid this? Thanks!
  15. 5th day on the regimen! i emailed acne.org and they told me that people with oily skin tend not to get hit hard with the devastating effects of BP. i also read on another forum that the it can hit on the 5th or 6th day, or even in 2-3 weeks. either way, i hope i dont hit it at all. this morning i just cleansed and shaved. as i was shaving, i think i accidentally tore off a white head. im gonna try and shave as gently as possible, but its really hard to get rid of all the hair when youre shaving