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  1. Experts say it is OK. It isn't a good idea to do it too young, because you are still growing, and your skin is fragile when you are a young person. However, whether or not you are 19, 21, 45, or even 60; you can benefit from an anti-wrinkle cream. Just use the best discretion possible. Anytime you use a high intensity reversal treatment, you need a REALLY effective moisturizer. I hope this helps. Side-note: H20 is important. Drinking at least 3 liters of water per day. Or one 8 oz.
  2. What a showy bitch. Well, female celebrities without make-up are basically ugly, blotchy men. HOT!
  3. What do you think this is, the Beverly Hills Hilton? Sometimes, in order to get help, you have to help yourself first. Don't give up right away. I spent months at this site, in my Accutane log, before I got a tremendous amount of help and support. You have to build a following and post daily if you want consistency. Continuity doesn't grow on trees, honey! A bad attitude and approach won't get you anywhere either!
  4. No one has perfect skin. Even if it doesn't seem noticeable, people do have clogged pores. Also, when you have millions of dollars, then you have access to a myriad of resources to look "perfect."
  5. I used to use the Herbal Essences (in the blue bottle) that Hydrates. But it dried out my hair. It's tough switching to a natural shampoo I've noticed recently. I HATE the oily feeling. But the problem with sulfate shampoos, is that you have to condition every time you shampoo or else you get really tangled when you comb. [/rant] Anyone doing something fun or new for summer with their hair?
  6. Oh lol. I work at a school.

    1. LMAO I don't go to that circle.

      1. Nice. I live near Liberty Park. Awesome to find another Utahn here! :)

        1. Thanks for your reply! So, would I need to use the entire regimen or just use AHA to combat my skin problem areas?
        2. Thanks for replying to my thread. I'm from SLC, UT too! Your skin looks great, by the way.

          1. So, a bit of history about my acne: - I've had acne since I was 14. - I was on Accutane for 6 1/2 months in 2006 after experiencing severely cystic acne. - I stayed clear for several years, even with a few minor bumps. - I'm 24 now and still experience some really mild acne on my back, and mainly on my face. I also sometimes get breakouts in weird spots, like near my armpits, and once in a while on my check. - I have mildly oily skin; I get a few small whiteheads, blackheads, and occasional s
          2. Hello, Ari! Long time no chat. How are you? =)

            1. I'm feeling OK. Not great. But not horrible. I have a zit on my inner high. I hate that! Um..let's see, I don't have anything really active on my back. It's looking a LOT better as of late. On my face, nothing serious. I have had some tiny white heads. I have had a small on my left cheek, but that's going away. I recently got a chemical burn from dying my hair, and honestly, that bothered me more than having a zit. But then again, the attention was taken away from any zit I might have
            2. Aw, you're sweet! I still love that letter! Glad to see you're still around!

              1. Well, don't wear a speedo 'cause the sun might burn off your peen too.
              2. Hi! I haven't seen you in forever. Not sure if you still come here...how's your skin doing? Well, take care!

                1. LOL Sorry...but this is my original screen name. Had to do it for the nostalgia.

                  1. Yep, I sure do. I'll PM my address to you.